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Premier League thread

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forum should run a banner saying how many points we need and keep counting down

They wet their pants when they see this though..

Man City to beat Sp*rs in their next game would be good, just to keep the chasing pack in their place....

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I remember last season there were talks about us being punished for bad discipline record, but Conte said that this team wasn't the same as before and that it would be unjust. If this carries on, is it possible we will get points deducted?

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New fixtures are in!



In Chelsea's perspective, pathetic.

We play Arsenal at home on our 2nd game of the season, and we play all our games at home against all top six sides in the first half of the season bar Spuds.

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CFC fixtures- 2019 looks tricky yikes 4 away trips to top6 teams but then look who we lost to home+away last season don't think it matters , ffs lets get our shit together ie manager and players asap!


11: Huddersfield Town (a)

18: Arsenal (h)

25: Newcastle United (a)


1: Bournemouth (h)

15: Cardiff City (h)

22: West Ham United (a)

29: Liverpool (h)


6: Southampton (a)

20: Manchester United (h)

27: Burnley (a)


3: Crystal Palace (h)

10: Everton (h)

24: Tottenham Hotspur (a)


1: Fulham (h)

4: Wolves (a)

8: Manchester City (h)

15: Brighton (a)

22: Leicester City (h)

26: Watford (a)

29: Crystal Palace (a)


1: Southampton (h)

12: Newcastle United (h)

19: Arsenal (a)

29: Bournemouth (a)


2: Huddersfield Town (h)

9: Manchester City (a)

23: Brighton (h)

27: Tottenham Hotspur (h)


2: Fulham (a)

9: Wolves (h)

16: Everton (a)

30: Cardiff City (a)


6: West Ham United (h)

13: Liverpool (a)

20: Burnley (h)

27: Manchester United (a)


4: Watford (h)

12: Leicester City (a)

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Need to get maximum points before Jan. Assume that we will progress in Europa league there could be more matches for us, than in CL. Also, all the big games in the second half of the season are away games for us. 

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4 minutes ago, Laylabelle said:

Hopefully we'll have a less dramatic first game then last year! 

And no Newcastle away on the final day! That is something to celebrate

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Just now, milan.cech said:

And no Newcastle away on the final day! That is something to celebrate


Though don't get how we always seem to play Liverpool either in April or May! Seems to be a given. Know they say it ain't that random but mix it up a little. 

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13 minutes ago, Fulham Broadway said:

Think the late Brian Moore (allegedly a Gills fan) was the same, could tell by his commentaries.

I used to play cricket with Brian's sons. (He was also a member but I never actually played with him.) Maybe football never came up with them but I don't remember getting the impression that they were a Chelsea family.

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