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My Happy Birthday To Me Thread

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When I joined I didn't do a new members thing so I thought I would say Happy Birthday to myself.

My friends and family weren't too amused I wanted to just stay in to watch the Chelsea game, but I don't care.

Come on Chelsea make my birthday :)

Here are my birthday cupcakes


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Hahahaha, you created a thread for yourself? :lol:

Anyway, happy birthday and I hope Chelsea makes us all smile tonight! :yay:

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i hope u had a great birthday, flash

i hope all the hugs u got resulted in a love rash

but be wary you dont want your life to go in a dash

what u do want is envelopes full of cash

i bet u'd love that green mash

chelsea might have lost today but theres always tomorrow

theres no reason to live in sorrow thats a line you can borrow

you only get one life

make sure you give your self a high five

as long as u breath there is no loss

look at the sea of possibilities, go ahead take a dive

swim flashy flashy swim, u know u the boss

no one can catch you go at the speed of light

as you keep growing u might even gain a little height

imagine that sight

keep thinking of the future, make sure it turns out bright

face it with all your might

be happy and let your soul soar like one of dem kites

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