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True Detective

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The first season was outstanding. Currently watching it again and it's just as good! Loved the main characters and the story, the music is fantastic too.

Season 2 will struggle to be as good, but I have faith they can pull something out of the bag! Can't wait for more!


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Loved the first series but will obviously be different this time round.

It had dried up abit as far as TV progs I watch but with Wayward Pines/Under the Dome and the 2nd half of season 4 Person of Interest I got a couple to watch

Just read that season 5 of POI is only 13 episodes. Last series then eh!

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Dat song at the end of the episode.


Loved that song. They should have that as the theme to the season and not the one they went with which sounded dreadful . Sure as hell aint nothing on this:


Probably my favourite tv theme ever.

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First series outstanding having heavyweight actors like Harrelson and McConaughey on board shows this was a serious piece of drama. I've only seen the first episode of series 2 but Vince Fucking Vaughn just fuck off and off and off. He's so wooden and unsuitable for the role like i said i've only seen the first episode of series 2 but Vaughn as a shady mafia type character is laughable he hasn't exactly got the presence of James Gandolfini has he. As for bejesus Colin Farrell well not sure who might be up for an Emmy him or that moustache. Oh while i'm on it motorbike dude can fuck off as well, there's just no tension it's not terrible it's just not a patch on series 1

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