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Stoke v Chelsea

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But we weren't really creating before that anyway. It's Schurrle's individual's brilliance that has kept us in it so far.

which is why taking him off was the most stupid decision he could have made. That's exactly the point I was doing saying he took the best player in the match

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Fuck Torres, fuck Eto'o, and fuck Ba. We will never, I repeat, NEVER, win the league without a proper striker.

Says the man with a Shevchenko avatar.

Fact is we should never be conceding 3 to Stoke of all teams.

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We signed Eto'o.

We loaned our Lukaku.

Once again....

we signed a 32 year old from Russia, and loaned out a guy who has scored more goals than our strikers combined.


+ like 4x lukaku's wage

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