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Chelsea Kits thread

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16 minutes ago, LDN Blue said:

I trust this won't be added to your already extensive collection? :lol: 

No chance... How has this shirt been approved :lol:

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i caved and got him one

Just made this quickly. You get the idea


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5 hours ago, LDN Blue said:

Remove the lion print and it would've been a simple and pleasing kit. What the fuck where they thinking -_- 

Glad I am not the only one who thought that the lion print all over the shirt was effing awful.

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4 minutes ago, Sovieticus said:

Everyone should take a look at the Real Madrid's new kit. They have pyjamas too, just from 1950s.





Flip the blue and white but keep the collar white and I would have been all over this.

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45 minutes ago, bluephoenix said:

Glad I am not the only one who thought that the lion print all over the shirt was effing awful.

It looks like pretty much everyone hates it :D 


Whatever.. 2009-10 kit was ugly as hell too but we had an amazing season with our new Italian coach...

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Last time we had a nice home shirt was in 13-14. 14-15 was worse,but not too bad. This years shirt looks weird and our next shirt is just rubbish and a disgrace from adidas.

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This is the only home shirt by adidas I don't like. Even without the lion prints it would've been lacking. Why don't we have anything like Bayern's or Madrid's? A blue shirt with a darker shade of blue for the 3 stripes, no patterns. Simple yet elegant.

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20 hours ago, Chelsea4 said:

I love the new kit.


In this shot, it kinda look like Pajamas,


However the lion prints is actually almost unseen in the kit-reveals video above...

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5 hours ago, RoyalBlues said:

At least we could wear it while watching Chelsea match at night, and then straightly go to bed.

Yeah, these kits would've been a perfect fit for this season. Watch the game and go cry into the bed.

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What a sh*t kit... The only thing I like in it, is the Chelsea badge. Hope Nike comes and offer us big money and a good kits for the next seasons. Some rumours for our away and 3rd kit?
Hope they aren't  as bad as this, even though we don't use them often.

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why are the adidas uk website selling the chelsea jersey with the word tyres not on the jersey. it just says yokohama on it.


here is a images from adidas uk website.






all images are copyrighted 2016 adidas.com and adidas.co.uk posted here.

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1 hour ago, KevinAshburner said:



Its actualy looks really good in this foto. Adidas probably photoshoped lions on other photos so everyone can see it.

If yokohama logo would be white this would be sick.

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3 hours ago, xPetrCechx said:

Any news about the away/third kits?

These have been the 'leaks' for the away and third. Aside from a few minor details, the home was pretty correct.








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