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Chelsea Kits thread

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i caved and got him one

Just made this quickly. You get the idea

Juan Mata personally delivers the new kit to a fan who pre-ordered the kit - afterall, it's Blue, what else Matas?

Posted Images

Edit: Pic not showing up... But yeah, something like that Bayern kit in blue would be pretty good.

This would look pretty cool in blue, but with some gold trim on the edge to keep a bluey gold theme, yet still be simple. Not sure about that collar though.

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Did you know we gave arsenal the idea of the two toned shirt, one colour on the body and the other on the sleeve.

Our board shunned the idea from our kit designer back in the 30's we he saw someone wearing a singlet over his t shirt. The board then saying we only play in solid royal blue and white shorts.

Went something like that anyway.

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so what your thinking here is that because we've had a mediocre season adidas have decided to withhold the best kits from us and instead give us a lower end quality, stoke esq kit and that is why they are not showing the kit? How spiteful they are ?!?

If you want to transform my entire post into this silly idead, okay, but I never said those things dude.

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This is what we want adidas!! You can be original and cutting edge without being over the top and zany. Keep it clean, keep it simple, add a few details here and there, and the fans will love you.

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I just hate seeing our players wearing these skin tight shirts.

You always see them constantly adjusting them and trying to stretch them out. Also make certain players like Mata and Hazard look strange. Makes Mata look like he's got a gut.

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Added some badges too it



lets do this..run a twitter campaign.maximum number of tweets saying we want this as our kit(or petition)..involve maximum journalists and prominent people.

@steve & alex - please take the initiative..

this is too good to be missed.a club taking fans opinions for its kit.IT WILL BE EPIC!!!

Whatsayy peeps.??

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