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Lampard Tips Kakuta And Stoch

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The England international is planning to be at the Bridge again for this evening's first leg despite getting back from the club's Champions League tie in the early hours of this morning.

He said: "I am very excited about our youngsters. There is some great talent in the youth team. Hopefully, they can develop and be with us in the first team squad for years to come.

"I think Kakuta stands out for his ability. His natural talent for someone who is just 16 is amazing and Stoch is also impressive.

"Playing on the big occasions at the big stadiums is what it's all about and this will give them a taste. They just have to make sure they don't freeze and I have every confidence in them."

Academy Director Neil Bath believes it will be another two years before anyone from the current youth team will get first team recognition. He added: "We hope to see players breaking into the senior squad from 2010 and reaching the final shows we are going in the right direction."

Source daily mail

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It's interesting that they don't see someone breaking through till 2010.... Kakuta is only 16 still and is a huge talent. But we have to see him be consistant and do this for the next 2 years. Stoch is older and i would like to see him either making a slight impact in the first team or out on loan.

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I'm tired of hearing that all our young talents (Scott, Ben, Jack) are going out on loan. I want to see them in the first team already!

You have to be patient with these young players, going out on loan is all part of the development process for these young players..

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What I've seen of Kakauta and Stoch in particular the future looks rosy.

But the bottom line is that if the first team has the World as a shop window, and CFC are still a rich club, they're going to buy off the shelf world class players first and foremost.

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Very true, but you can buy the best AND bring through youth players.

We are now truly seeing the fruits of the academy! The players who are playing in the cup run are all top top prospects and any or all of them could make it with us. Stoch, Kakuta, Tejera, Mellis, Woods, Bruma, Van Aanholt are all real quality players.

And it looks like the next batch that will come through this summer are equally as talented.

Bringing youth players through is looking more and more realistic all the time...

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