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Europa League Final 2013 - Benfica 1-2 Chelsea

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Get in!!!

That was a proper smash and grab lol we were finding it difficult to string 3 passes together at times.

Luiz and Ramires were astonishingly poor! Luiz is not a midfielder for fucks sake he is a defender and a great one at that. Hope Jose/the next manager realises this.

Anyway the biggest problem is the pivot. In most games we simply can't get a hold of things because there is no balance in any way shape or form

Torres was very good! Had a few great runs down the middle, similar to his goal. We were rubbish going forward so can't blame that on him because there was simply no channel from defence to attack. Held the ball up ok for someone who's not suited for that tactic. His whining may annoy at times, but you can see that it does sway refs to give more fouls in our favour which was badly needed yesterday considering the ref wasn't giving anything to us at all.


Also, Jorge Jesus can SUCK IT. Fucking arrogant bitter scum

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you possibly the greatest gif on the internet...

"Everyone questioned me why Chelsea, this is my answer.” — Eden Hazard

Overjoyed this morning, just delighted to see everyone up there lifting that cup and shoving back in the face of the media and fans alike around England etc who hate us. You cannot deny that we are winners, winners every single season whether people like it or not.

The performance was rank poor IMO but the sheer amount of games played this season sort of evens that out but for long periods we were second best and some of the passing was very sloppy indeed. But once again we come up with the goods and what a header, just sublime from Ivanovic.

I honestly thought Torres was excellent last night, he ran Luisao all over the shop, dumped him on his ass a few times, done him for pace and also looked very sharp on and off the ball. Well done Torres.

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Well, the performance was ranked poor, I read above.

What could we have expected when the team already played 63 games, I believe ?

When the team won CL under the park the bus, many of you did not mind. The circumstances called for it, then.

The same should be applied for last night´s game. The team is a very tired bunch & played accordingly, I feel.

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Which is exactly what I said if you read it.....

Sorry I was talking in general...you explained it well.

The team had no choice, once again but to play as they did last night.

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how many goals have we scored from corners this season, it's unreal

we're the most lethal team in Europe on corners

i always have the feeling that we're gonna score from corners

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Paulo :D


I was lookimg for that GIF, thanks! :D

I thought the ref was shit and it affected both teams. He made the mistake 6 mins in not booking Matic and it was always going to be downhill for him from there. Anyway, thankfully his mistakes did not affect the game too much.

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Was Ferreira saying good bye to the fans already? He was also thrown in the air by team mates. Although he might not have played that many games recently - what a person and player, massive respect for him. I'd love it if he'd stay and retire at Chelsea.

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