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Europa League Final 2013 - Benfica 1-2 Chelsea

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you possibly the greatest gif on the internet...

"Everyone questioned me why Chelsea, this is my answer.” — Eden Hazard

Delighted at the win. The team stepped up to the plate in the 2nd half and got dug in. The mentality forged under Jose. Delighted for Torres and for Ivanovic, who I think is so, so underrated. Great work ethic by the team in the 2nd half, I am really, really proud.

Doesn't eclipse the 91' Zenith Data Final, naturally :yay:

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Fuck yeaaaaaaaa!!!

Finaly the forum is working again :D

Im sooo happy that memebers with bad feelings were completely wrong :) :)

Lamps with THAT projectile and Iva with top header!!! Torres like his old self (to bad this wont show in next games) but still wow.

Imn first half ww were completely missing, no creativity, no fighting, just sitting on counters...fatigue got to us, but also mentality. Benfica was all over us, but second half we improved largely. Mata started to lead our line, defence was tidy.

Must say that Matic impressed me, he shown a quality of Dm who drives forward and is all over the pitch. He had some bad challenges vs Ramires, but this was final and no time to be friendly. Much better than any DM we have now. He is physicaly superb and his ball control is wonderful too. I will stop praising him now lol :)

I dislike our approach to game I would have to say. We sit back and play on counters but when we have such talented footballers its realy weird. Benfica was technicaly superior and we couldnt make two passes. Hazard was missed, as was midfield destructor/playmaker. This has to improve next year for sure.

BUT what I hate is 80 % people are blaiming us again. That we parked the bus, that we were worse than any team, disgrace to play in finals, realy lucky, etc... :( Again our team gave feeling that we won unattractive and one more year, most of people will see chelsea as Anti-football club... :( fuck off haters!

Truth is that we should dominate the game with players we have (or at least try it) but we didnt. Still we had no Hazard and 70 matches behind, but people wont understand...

But we fucking won the trophy and I couldnt be more happy about it right now, it was nice evening once again, now lets get celebrating :D

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