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Fernando Torres

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I can proudly confirm I made some personal attempt to get him out of Chelsea. Went to the Wolfsburg game in Constance today and tried to convince them to buy Torres. tried everything from screaming to

In the 90s Blackburn was the first club to win the Premiership after a serious money injection. They called it "winning with a credit card". Credit cards are made out of plastic therefore Blackburn fa

Being shit on purpose to deflect criticism from his teammates and manager ... Because he's the hero Chelsea deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Bec

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my main man! finally! here we go!!!

loved the cocky zlatan-esque celebration, dope.

(and as i mentioned before, this dude likes to score in blue shirts, all of his goals for chelsea were in the blue, except the CL semi-final game)

Keep it up mate!

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He has had good moments like these every season for us, except his first half season.

But something happens and he stops trying again. I do hope this lasts more than the others, because we look so much better in attack when he's hungry and skinning defenders.

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I'm not saying it's going to last... but it's not the same way that happened in previous seasons.

He has never played the way he's been playing now in a Chelsea shirt. I'm not talking about quality, but dedication, passion and confidence.

In previous seasons he showed flashes of being a good striker. Now he's showing for a month (let's not forget it's been a month) to be a team player.

So I think we can argue, doubt and question if this isn't another short spell like in the past, but I don't think it's 100% accurate to say we've seen it before. I personally have never seen this Torres in a Chelsea shirt. Actually some of this actions in the field I don't remember seeing in any shirt, except Atletico's. Again I'm talking about attitude, not striker qualities.

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Yeah, but when you lose your pace for 3 yrs and have had parts of your knees removed, it's kinda surprising. To me at least.

Yeah, very fair point. But I've read he is doing a lot of conditioning work by himself in the gym to improve his strength (if you look at him, you can tell he has bulked up a fair bit), and I imagine he is still doing a lot of running training to improve his speed and stamina. Hard work pays off.

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Looking forward to tomorrow as well. Torres has looked sharp this season and I hope to see him continue to play well. I think Mou has really figured out how to use and motivate Torres long term. GREAT to see Torres playing well. I hope to see him next year as well in Brazil...

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