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Fernando Torres

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I can proudly confirm I made some personal attempt to get him out of Chelsea. Went to the Wolfsburg game in Constance today and tried to convince them to buy Torres. tried everything from screaming to

In the 90s Blackburn was the first club to win the Premiership after a serious money injection. They called it "winning with a credit card". Credit cards are made out of plastic therefore Blackburn fa

Being shit on purpose to deflect criticism from his teammates and manager ... Because he's the hero Chelsea deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Bec

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426 pages, pretty epic for someone who's been here only 2 years. I still believe he has pace and good work rate but his problem is his role. Goalscorer.

I wish we had RVP instead of this guy? No shit. RVP is the best striker in the world, worth the £24m Man Utd paid for him at 29. He's worth more, he is ridiculously good and he does deserve to win trophies, he did well to escape Arsenal and go to Man Utd.

We have a striker now though, although he did a Torres yesterday, you know he's gonna score more often than not.

Plainly put, Torres needs to disappear.

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You can sum up this thread pretty easily:

1. "Woohoo, we've got Torres!"

2. "He's gonna score goals for fun, just let him get to know his new teammates."

3. "We're changing our playing style, give him time."

4. "He ain't scoring goals but he's working his ass off."

5. "He'll come back this season for sure. Look at what kinda players we brought in."

6. "HE'S SHIT"



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your sister too

Lmao - I love Bitee's humour!

He -0wn3d you there Rmpr :P

Couting the fact I dont have a sister...Yes, you can both go there and you better bang her real hard! :)

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