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Champions League Thread

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Melo used to be one of the best dms, however, ever since he left Juve and was dropped from Brazil, it feels like he disappeared from football..

Is Hamit the other CM these days? DO you guys plays 4-2-3-1?

nowadays he (Melo) seems to close Brazil nationl squad. he showed good performance and still keeps on it. wouldn't be surprise to see him in 2014 WC.

Hamit was injured long time ago. he was the better one on its region. we dont have any hope about it to play against you.

and Mancini couldnt decide how team formation should be yet. we played against Juve as 3-5-2.

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Hi everyone, This is a civilized Gala fan. Sorry for all the "invasion", I'm pleased to say you accept foreigners to your forum. I'll give you some heads up about our squad and recent situation. It do

as I didn't bet money can I have reps instead? I guessed all three

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We won UEFA Cup and Super Cup in that year.Here is some material for fresh your brain:


Did well against Leeds didn't you? Cunts.

I think Galatasary fans need to realise that this game doesn't really have anything to do with you. This is all about Drogba coming back and saying goodbye one final time, While we'll win on a score of 3 or 4 - 1 on agg.

Also, Mancini is a clown. As is Eboue.

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  • James changed the title to Champions League thread
  • James changed the title to Champions League Thread

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