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The Thread is Dark and Full of Spoilers: "Game of Thrones" discussion

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All I'll say is Robb Stark's situation is.... dire... :Goober:

Thank fuck for the Jose wankfest. That end to the episode was as gruesome a feeling a TV show can generate.

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I think Cersei will choose The Mountain (scariest warrior in Westeros) to fight for her. Tyrion won't risk Jamie, because he isn't able to fight so good, and if The Mountian will fight I'm sure Oberyn

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This show keeps surprising me. As far as unpredictability goes, this must be on top. I hope Arya kills them all.

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What the fuck was that last episode? Why the hell do they play with my emotions like that!! I sat right in front of my TV and i could hardly move after the last scene!! What the flying fuck is happening in the show!! I refuse to get emotionally attached to this show. Never ever. FUCCCKK!!

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The last episode is called Mysha, meaning "Mother". Make of that what you will.

Which also makes me think we'll see the resurrected Cat....

How do you know how the last episode is going to be called? :lol:

Anyways, this clearly means Khaleesi will free the slaves, but I dont think they have time to show her discovering Ser Jorah previously spied on her and so on...

The season will end with her conquering Meereen, which will lead to two season finales being about her! :Goober::wub:

I thought they would include both in this season, but considering how little happens in Book 4, it makes sense they've saved that and

Tyrion's arc - ie. killing Shae and Tywin, and Gregor Clegane vs the Red Viper, etc.

I came late into the TV series, so when I began watching Season 3, I already knew they would only cover a bit more than half of the A Storm of Swords. It does indeed makes sense though, specially because they wouldn't make an entire series without The Lannisters and other major characters...

You dont listen, do you? I will warn again, dont open this if you havent read the books. It will spoil all the fun! ;)
However, I have a feeling Tyrion wont kill Shae and Twyin in such a brutal way in the TV series. I think they would not ruin his affection with the public (as they didnt do with Cat Stark) and they will make him kill them more in an act of anger and impulse, other than how it is described in the book.

Also, I am crazy to see the reaction of everyone around here when they find out Cat will resurrect with the help of the Lord of Light! :P

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Wow I had to watch that episode twice.

This season has been a bit dull but this episode tops them all.

Fucking amazing!

And to think my brother makes fun of me cause I watch this show as he says mostly girls watch it.

Well it's one of the best I seen.

I always like shows that give something different, not the same happy ending and all that stuff.

Great show, and if your not watching you are missing out!

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For me the most beautiful moment was when the Rains of Castemere starts playing. The look on Catelyn's face . She knew it.

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IMO the Red Wedding scene was even more shocking than it was in the books due to the unborn baby... god damn can't wait for the Winds of Winter.

I know i would be shocked if i didn't know it was coming.

Any chance we get the purple wedding on the season finale? can't fucking wait to see that little cunt choke to death.
AH and anyone got a clue when we will see Coldhands? he should be getting some screen time soon with Sam and Gilly so close to the wall! hope they show his badass giant fucking elk!
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