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Wage Bill and FFP, crunching numbers!

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~50 Million pounds in TV earnings during CL last season

~55 million in EPL for the same along with the standings earnings

similar figures through gate receipts and merchandising

a decent few million more for the FA Cup win

the release of first team players in Drogba (look up and whisper 'legend'), Bosingwa and Kalou which I believe compensated the wages of Eden Hazard and Co

If Delloite's to be believed, 191 million pounds worth of wage bills back in '10 season but since then we've managed to let go of Deco, Ballack, Carvalho, Cole, Belletti, Zirkhov, Alex and Anelka apart from the three mentioned before (look up and whisper 'legend'), seriously now, I believe Man Utd are the real pensioners <_<

The only real issue is the transfer fees spent since the 1st of June '10 (FFP's DoB) with 50(Torres)+32(Hazard) +26(Luiz)+25(Oscar) +18(Ramires)+23(Mata)+20(Lukaku) and basically a clear 200+ mil outlay apart from our disastrous liaison with AVB on top of our wage bill doesn't look too good on paper but another CL title and a top two finish in the league to show for all this and FFP will mean about as much to us as to Wenger, did a little math on City too, they're in the deep!

Yeah, so, the entire point of this post was three-way

educational values

why we're good even though we spent a hefty 75 mill this season

to rebuff those Chelsea haters wielding the enigma that is FFP at us.


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I appreciate the effort, but Financial Fair Play is going to be enforced about as strictly as tax evasion laws in a tax haven.

We can spend what we like, and no one will stop us, or anybody else. This is just a smokescreen to cover up the real issue, big teams like Liverpool and Inter are slipping and they are worth too much for football's governing bodies for them to permit that to happen.

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