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Eden Hazard

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My son with Eden today [emoji7]

I hate Eden Hazard because he hasn't already scored 200 goals for Chelsea and he because was bought for £32 million and because other people like him and because other people hate him and because he h

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Well just like last time i've come tot the point where i don't really give a flying F what you think. So :clown:

Really? I got 5 notifications in last 10 minutes, and 4 of them were because you were quoting my posts. Very wise, very wise indeed, since you are quoting someone you really dont give a fuck.

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For goodness sake, can we all argue or debate with one another without having to resort to calling the other member names?! If you guys don't agree with one another, then just agree to disagree and ignore each other!

FINAL WARNING! Dish out anymore insults to other members will result in you getting a warning!

I was starting to enjoy myself. :cry:

Who is not interesting now? (I know, dont need to quote me) :D

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Have you ever considered that part of the reason Hazards topic has more pages then Mata's is because you keep trolling it?

Just look at the last few pages, and you'll see that most, if not all posts were in reply to a negative statement you made...

So if you want Mata's topic to have more pages, you should just stay out of this one, and post something negative about Mata in his topic?

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In what way is Mata not great? He's arguably our most important player right now.

Come on, you should notice he's trollin aswell. (just to diss Henrique I guess)

Mata is clearly the most important player of this season so far. I think everyone can see that...

You cant even argue about that.

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Lol @ the arguements.

Henrique is a forum vetran who is entitled to his opinion weather you aprove or not. I personally rate Eden very highly but think he is still in the 'inexperienced' stage of his career in terms of decision making. There's no denying the kids ability though, he's a beast and once he masters the end product he will conquer stardom.

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Henrique is just trying to claim the 'most controversial' title back off Sloth aka Kojo.

If you only joined, here's the low down.

Term x was the first one to win the title with his 'i'm a Mod on another forum' outburst.

Justin_3d won it next, he was just a general WUM, funny but was often annoying.

Henrique was always close to the title but just failed at the last hurdle, he decided he had to up his game, so when ever he had the chance to disagree with the popular opinion he did.

It was getting a bit stale, we needed a new member to challenge for the title so along came Sloth. He ranted about Mikel being terrible... Newcastle having all of the best players and more shit then i can remember... basically he was a sarcastic cunt. (He's alright now, mind you ;))

Now it's been a year or so since Henrique last had it, he wants it back.. and i actually think this Hazard rant might win it for him.

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