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Eden Hazard

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Just now, Mana said:

Let's be real. It's not going to happen. Real is his dream club, and would happily retire there.

The only way this scenario happens is when Hazard has a nightmare in Madrid. And even then, would we want him back if he's that awful?

Yes, at least i would. We are not like most other clubs, we always honour those who have been great servants of our club. And Eden is more than just a great servant, he is one of our legends.

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3 minutes ago, Mana said:

Chelsea shouldn't be a retirement home for players. I don't see Hazard as a massive legend, now that he sold his soul to Real Madrid, the club he really wants to go to.

If we have a solid replacement for Hazard, and Hazard is doing awful in Madrid, feck him I don't want him back in our starting XI. The reality is he abandoned us for his dream club in his prime.

Pretty much this, we also have a ban and of course we would want to retain all our players to survive next season. What does Hazard do? Leave with the first boat to the team hes been crying in the press for years. 

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Seeing him reunited with that twat Courtois is sickening. Only a matter of time before Tibo talks more shit about us. 


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"Once a blue, always a blue!"
I guess that also applies to the snake that's in Madrid as well. *shrug*
Why are you seemingly bitter about is departure?

He's left on what is relatively good terms unlike is fellow countryman.
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That's why.
He left on better terms than Courtois, but let's not forget he did similar things compared to Courtois in the past. Always bigging up Madrid. The only difference really is his leaving statement. "I love you guys! Even though I'm abandoning you for the club that I dream to play for everyday, you're the best club and I wish you all the best! Oh and I hope we meet up so I can smash you!
The club's misdemeanours aren't of any bearing to Hazard. I'd be more inclined to think in a similar manner to yourself, if we were in Utd's situation.

He's arguably wanted to leave for 2-3 seasons now, so it's worked out well for both parties right now. Being in his prime or not is neither here nor there.

Constant flirting with RM is something that will certainly tarish his rep to some. I'm one of them tbh, but there ain't loyalty in football anymore.

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17 hours ago, Mana said:
You're kind of contracting yourself. If there's no loyalty in football and Hazard showed no loyalty by leaving us, why the feck are we still praising him and calling him legend?
Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the past seven years he has put in to the club, but I'm not buying his leaving statement and I'm certainly not happy for him leaving us. People are calling him legend, but from today I'm scratching my head. Yes, he has been a massive servant to the club, one of the highest...but legend?
JT, Drogba, Zola, Osgood, Greaves, Lamps, Cech...those are legends. Giving their all to the club in their primes. You look elsewhere - Henry, Bergkamp, Keane, Carragher, Neville, Aguero, Kompany, Gerrard, Messi, Ronaldo... those are real club legends who played in their primes. Hazard, still has at least 2-3 years of his prime left and he wants to give it to Madrid.
You also heard it from the horse's mouth that Madrid is the club he wanted to play for since he was a kid. I bet he couldn't wait to get his arse out of Chelsea to play for his dream club. He got wish.
Thank you Hazard, but you're not getting a tear from me and you're not a legend to me. Have fun in Madrid.

Not at all. People are praising him for his output on the pitch and that's something you can't argue with. Only difference is legend having a different meaning to yourself than others.

Whether he is in his prime or not should have no relevance. Do you honestly think the names you mentioned would have stayed put had we been in a similar predicament?
I highly doubt it.

On a side note, didn't Henry push for a move in his prime to Barca or did I dream that up?


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