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Eden Hazard

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2 minutes ago, zakhov said:

They'll need to get rid of Martinez if they want any chance of winning the WC. Just don't see it happening while he's in charge.

I haven't watched any of the Belgium game to judge. But for the most part international tournament has been about play ultra defensive or ultra possession football, and hopefully you can score goals. 

So how is their defending ? 

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My son with Eden today [emoji7]

I hate Eden Hazard because he hasn't already scored 200 goals for Chelsea and he because was bought for £32 million and because other people like him and because other people hate him and because he h

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8 hours ago, El P. said:

His long passing is really underrated. We always admired him for great dribbling, ball control, speed, even his goals, but dayumn those long lofted passes...

Must be something they train very well. Nearly every player can play great long passes.

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There are some parts that may sound surprising...

Eden Hazard’s portrait of his ideal player: Terry’s leadership and Benteke’s heading


I would take the free kicks of Juninho [Pernambucano]. In training, I can take them not badly, but as soon as I get to the game, I’m not focused, be it corners, free kicks … That’s why I do not get many. I shoot as if I were in my backyard, but still need some concentration. But I cannot!


I do not like to talk. For the national team, I am captain but I say nothing. I do my talking with the ball, on the ground... When I am a captain, I say to myself: ‘What am I going to say?’ I should be able to but I cannot. And there is no question of forcing myself.

We have an explanation why he is not taking any free kick.

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