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Before Hulk we need a midfielder and a RB. Of course if Hulk did sign, I wouldn't be exactly miserable over it, on the contrary, I would be over the moon. But it would feel like a luxury signing now. If we had Hazard and Hulk on wings, then our attack would be very potent from each side, but with Ramires for example you know that would be our weaker side offensively. I would love the attacking diversity and unpredictability. I could not say no to the big green man... he could also effectively cover for CF position, eliminating the need for another striker as well as putting the winger issue to bed once and for all.

I really don't know where that would leave the likes of Sturridge and Ramires but fuck me, I'll leave this problem to the manager, I want to see him play for us. I'm a greedy bitch I know :(

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Lampard IS past it

So past it that he once again made it into double figures from midfield :chai:

He is not as good as he once was but he is hardly past it

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Emm, that explains his performances in the league where he used to get 'shackled' by the likes of mccarthy against wigan, right? I bet you thought drogba had another season in him as well! :rolleyes:

I bet you thought Torres was the future at the start of the season.

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And I bet you thought that he was finished at the end of 2010/11 season

No, but to expect him to guide us to a championship was downright insanity :ph34r: Like it or not, we didnt exactly set the world alight with our football this season. The trophies we won were down the grit and determination of the old guard who knew this was probably their last realistic shot...

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Just read the article on Sky Sports.com and it sounds very promising, Sky Sports are a good, reliable source and it actually sounds like we are going to get him.

This would be a terrific signing, he's a match winner, he's a game changer, he's built for the Premier League, he is a marquee name and he will bring something very special to the Chelsea team, in today's market, 38 million pounds is reasonable for a player of his immense talent. If you want to be the best you have to get the best and Hulk is one of the best around and at 25 years of age should just be coming into his prime years, this would be a spectacular signing.

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In my opinion (which is often not wanted :halo: ), we'd be much better off not spending £30mil+ on Hulk, and instead, invest in an Xabi Alonso type player.

He holds his position in a defensive midfield role, can intercept well, and dictate play and hoof up precise, long-balls, splitting defences with ease.

De Bruyne, Kakuta, Ramires, Sturridge, Hazard, any of them can play on the right or left wing - no need for another un-natural winger playing on the wing IMO.

yes we both have seen the light!!! agre whole-hearted especially with xabi alonso type player,(i used him as example before)

why havent i seen ya before?! hahahaha

although i cant think of a rw only willian though im still not sure on who i dont know much about. hulk no-no-no-no-no-no, cheaper alternative out there people, although if we want REAL HEADLINE GRABBIN Quality i bet someone else out there stead of hulk................................................i hope!

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I think people need to lower their expectation on Marin, he was a bench warmer at Bremen so don't expect him to be very much used at Chelsea. If he plays a pivotal role for us, that would be a pleasant surprise. If he give us some quality minutes as a sub and as rotation player then i would be very happy.

Because he was injured. When he was fit and playing he had really good games. The stats will show that.

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We did the hard part by seducing Hazard. One big name signing is enough to convince other prominent players. By having both, Hazard and Hulk, all the Modrices and Falcaos of the world will be knocking on our door, not the other way round.

I can't see how our negotiators could tempt Hazard into a freshly Drogba- and managerless team with no flair unless he was given reassurance that he'd get top quality teammates to work with. I think we're seeing the club cooking up a fresh team and carrying out one of its promises.

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A lot of people are questioning this move now that we are closing in on Hazard but the two together make perfect sense.

To me it's all about having different options and different styles.

If we were to play an attacking trio of Mata, Hazard and Hulk together I see nothing but success.

Mata can pass the ball for fun and thread plenty of balls through the middle. At times this season we have become so predictable and reliant on him to create something. It's also meant as the season has progressed a lot of teams have man marked him. However with two real dangermen alongside him teams will no longer be able to concentrate on him which should give him much more time and space.

Hazard will give us a player who can take a man on with ease and get either in behind out wide or through the middle. Teams will be more reluctant to sit back because the closer Hazard gets towards the penalty area, the more dangerous he will become when running at players, in terms of potential penalties, etc. If teams instead feel they cannot sit back, there will be more space in behind for Torres which will obviously benefit Mata, and also Hazard with their ability to find the pass.

What Hulk gives is a completely different threat. Any teams who drop back will be taking a much greater risk as it will give this man licence to get in the right areas around the penalty area to have shots. And this man can shoot! Again, it will scare teams into dropping off and encourage them out giving more space again in behind for Torres and the passing abilities of Mata and Hazard.

Hulk will effectively become the wildcard to get us out of a hole at times. How many times in the past have we been struggling to break a team down and Lampard bangs one in from 25 yards out. Hulk will give us this threat once more.

These different options will allow us to hurt all manner of teams whichever way they look to play against us.

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