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David Luiz

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no he's back to reveal next season's kits

I ususally avoid this thread as it's depressing to read some of the things written about our very own sideshow bob. It seems a lot of people want him to be this robotic perfect defender who makes the

What a way to mark your 100th cap:

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Mourinho wants to squash any talk of Luiz being surplus to requirements and warn Barca off any further attempts to destabilise the defender.

The Special One believes Luiz is integral to his thoughts for the upcoming campaign, having announced in Malaysia last month that the Brazilian "has to play".

Mourinho has talked up Luiz, who missed the start of pre-season after playing in the Confederations Cup, insisting: "David has come back with us fantastically and we have to use his quality.

"He has big self-confidence and self-esteem, especially when he comes up from the back with the ball.

"Can he improve defensively? Of course. But it is my job to try always to improve players."

Chelsea's owner Roman Abramovich - a surprise spectator at the Milan match - is a huge Luiz fan and is not interested in letting the player, bought from Benfica for £21m in 2011, depart.

Unless Barcelona make an outlandish offer, Chelsea would not even entertain the thought of relinquishing the player.

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Would love him to play along Howedes here at one point in future...Azpi/Wallace on right and Shaw on left :)

Subotic is my first choice but howedes aint bad.

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dont sell any players to this c#nts. they have massive problems at the CB. we shouldnt fix it for them. let them get agger and f.. off.

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The moment I sat down on my toilet and brought up Twitter I saw that Sky Sports tweet and, well, it relieved me of the need to squeeze. Plop.

Hopefully we don't sell him. Unless we get Messi as part-exchange.

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if we sell him, it should be at least 45 m. we are in mid-august nearly, it will be hard to find a replacement, especially as we are Chelsea.

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Heh - like @Leif said...

They can have him for a straight swap with Messi....

Otherwise - F**K OFF :)

Then we don't need Rooney and can use that money to buy a defender - or promote one of the young lads... :)

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We have rejected the bid!!

Sky Sports understands that Barcelona have made a formal offer for Chelsea defender David Luiz, but the bid has been rejected. We'll bring you more shortly.
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