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Champions League Final 2012 - Chelsea 1 (4) - (3) 1 Bayern Munich

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Calmed down a little now. So proud of the players, i was about to cry when Muller scored, then from nowhere we equalized and i just knew it was going to be our year.

Congrats to every Chelsea fan out there, this moment has been coming for a long long time now.

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I don't know what to write.But I'm writing....Amazing night,amazing match,amazing Cech,amazing Drogba,amazing CHELSEAAAA!!!!

Finally,we won what we wanted the most.Hope there will be many more Champions League trophies!Congratulations for all Chelsea fans all over the world.

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When Mueller scored....In a normal season I would have said thats it. But after seeing the miracles against napoli and Barca, I knew that Luck just cannot abandon us at this juncture. I still had a hope and Bang King Didier scores. And then in a normal season, no team beats Germans on penalties. But seeing the miracles, I knew we would beat them on penalties. Jupp Henckeys or whatever his name is said Germans dont need to practice penalties, they just win it. Well have that you Cocky cunt....

Beating napoli by coming back from 3-1 and then Barca with 10 men and 2-0 down, and then beating the germans on penalties in their own den. This is the best way I could have imagined us winning it. Spectacular Fasion.

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We've waited so long

But we'd wait forever

Our blood is blue and

We would leave you never

And when we make it

It'll be together

Chelsea forever

Drogba deserves the statue, the new king of SB

Cech has the best season ever, fantastic goalkeeper.

Everyone deserved this cup, but Lamps, Drogba, Terry, Cole and Essien definately deserved it most. Iva, Bos, Kalouda, Studge, Torres, Bertrand, Meireles, Ramires,...

Mikel proved how great DM he is. In team that plays tacticaly defensive football, DM is one of most important players and Mikel did fantastic job.

And Mata...he might miss that penalty, but with signing him, we signed godnesa fortuna too.

All glory to all them, I wish this moment would take forever!

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Just absolutely unbelievable. I collapsed to the ground and cried when Drogba scored. This is one of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced. We are Champions of Europe and we did it in our own way; by demonstrating sheer grit and determination. Outstanding, so proud of my boys. Forget Anfield 2005 and 2007, forget Monaco, forget Ovrebo, even forget Moscow - none of it matters any more. We're European Champions.

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I'm so proud and happy... This match means so much for us (and for Tottenham)... Best football night of my life... Me and my family were crazy during match, during penalties and after all we hug and dancing and ... What a night...

And thank you all for this fantastic forum, I'm happy I can share my happiness with you...

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