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The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

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7 minutes ago, laura90 said:

It's about time they rename Champions League to La Liga II with europian friendlies. If there wasn't for money it would be  such a waste of time for other clubs. It will be won by Madrid or Barcelona in years to come. Other clubs will win it every five or seven yeras. Every football wonderkid will go there which will further  prolong their dominance. Ronaldo will go eventually but Mbpape is on his way. Modrić and Croos will be replaced in the same fashion.


That's because the cup goes where the money goes.
English clubs are playing second fiddle. Some semblance of effort from City I must admit, while Spuds-Arsene are pathetic.
The romantic days are gone.
In the sixties it was Real-Inter again but also Celtic had a squeak.
Those years the Italians had the money. In 1965 they failed to bring Pele. Santos were asking for the record fee of 500,000 sterling and it was too much. 300,000 the Italians were prepared to give but not 500,000 !
If the Bosman law was to be reversed, only then will you see competition. But this has to be done by international agreements. If Brexit was to do something unilaterally, it will be useless and the English teams will be able to reach as far as the second preliminary of August. But if this is done it will be unfair to the players and limit their chances to make professional careers.

For my country Greece the system works in catastrophic ways.
The biggest Greek players ever were Mavros-Nestoridis-Domazos-Linoxylakis-Loukanidis and some others.
Nowadays there are websites dedicated to them, streets named after and so on.
But in today's world you would hear something like this: "that Nestoridis of AC Roma played for Greece for six months did n't he ? was it in AEK Aten or Panathinaikos, can't remember that !". That's for certain, if those players were modern day players.
The last of the giants was Demis Nikolaidis who in the end moved to Atletico Madrid.
So Greek teams reached out to say 50% of the top of Europe some 15 years ago, now they are back to 0.5% !

I can't decide. For the players it is loss of freedom, loss of incentives. For European football as a whole it concentrates power in two or three places.


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Fuck yeah my home town team, first live Chelsea game for me since Chelsea Spurs in 2016! 

I live in England! Everyone here supporting Olympiakos too!

if you saw the Spanish forums...

Posted Images

In the final 4 out of the 5 goals scored was because of fullbacks who beat their man and put in proper crosses for the striker to finish. When you look at marcelo, carvajal, Alves and Sandro then you know we're not on the same planet with them. You cannot defend against when the fullbacks are pushing the opponent wingers back with dribbling, energy and accurate crossing. 

I hope we improve on Moses and Alonso or that's what we'll be competing with next season. Even here in the league as tottenham did and Guardiola is also going out for energetic dribbling fullbacks too. 

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6 hours ago, Iggy Doonican said:

You must be the only football fan in the world who's excusing Ramos he's a cheating prick his side are 3-1 up and cruising and he does that?. Rolling about feigning injury is not part part of the game doesn't matter if it's Drogba or Costa. And by the way your avatar is fucking weird mate.

I hate real because pepe and Ramos. I have never seen defender dive as often and as theatrical as these two players 

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Matic masterclass in the first half. Marshalling United's midfield in a way Paul Scholes can only dream of. Teaches Modric a lesson, we are doomed without him.



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2-0 Isco scores.

And just for all those who were complaining about losing Lukaku to Manu  :


United have an immediate chance to respond through Pogba, whose tame header is saved by Navas. However, the ball drops to Lukaku, who unopposed from eight yards, blazes the ball over the crossbar.


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