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He's 3 away from 100 prem goals..which prob explains the miss today,when theres a milestone to reach it always takes yonks.And when he gets there the media better bloody make the same amount of fuss as they did about Gerrard on his 100 scumboes goals which Lamps got aggges ago :D

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It’s actually worse than I thought.. Drogba wrote ‘Blue Till I die’ on the dressing room white board and left the country, Ashley Cole rejected Liverpool and left the country. Frank Lampard, the man

He looks like a muppet now. Not winning anything at City while tarnishing his status over here and making New York fans angry. Well that was some decision Frankie.

Genuinely can't believe people are defending him going to our direct rivals for the league. He's going there to train? Yeah because he can't run in America right.

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Yes, but only 74 of them for Chelsea ;)

Bleh lol still a bit ooo and only 26 to go lol.

Doubt though when he gets either we'll have the whole oooo he's amazing media worship crap we had with Gerrard for his 100th scum goal. Pages of the bloody crap!And pictures and general blehness.

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But Saint Stevie is a national hero and everyone of his goals was amazing, Fat Frank is just an overrated piece of shit who's score 116 deflections for Chelsea :):rolleyes:

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Oooo yes..mean he's only on 56 but hey they've alll been ammmazing and no one apprantly can take a free kick like him....even if someone does one exactly the same and scores..wont be as ammazing

And when he does get 100 prob have a Sanit Gerrard day added to the calander

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This season so far 17 goals, so just three goals and Lampsy will AGAIN reach 20 per season (since 05/06, in 04/05 only 19 :P ). And still about 10 games. Magnificent statistics.

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