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I'm not sure the people in charge realize how radically a new LWB (Sandro) and a RW (Mahrez) would transform this team. If they understood this I bet they would at least try to do something. Surely the ≈100 million spent on these two players would not be a world ending scenario when you have a loan army the size of French Foreign Legion ready to be sold for large profits in addition to the deadwood in the first team squad that need to be sold as well.

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BREAKING NEWS: Liverpool and Dortmund have reached an agreement over the transfer of Reus. They've agreed it's never going to happen. [emoji23]

It reminds me the day when we signed Hector and Djilobodji on the same day.

David Moyes is that ugly bloke at the nightclub who gets to 2am and just tries chatting up every girl. Take a hint dude - no-one likes you.

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At this point Alexis or Mahrez would be the most obvious transfers ever. Even if they cost alot. 

Althrough I dont rate either world class, they are miles above anything on our RW and we desperately need goals and creativity. 

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3 minutes ago, Mufassir08 said:

Marina approving funds for Dybala? :lol:

Never happening.

I know it.

and it could be the best purchase we can make! for features that would suit the team, by age, role ...
another who will never come is savic!

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Dybala is a complete pipe dream. People need to understand that this club will now be fetching in the Zappacosta's and Alonso's of this world, the sort of middle of the road players.

the Morata thing doesn't stand up in comparison because the club was forced up against the wall, we had a striker who was going and hardly any on the market available, we simply had no choice.

We are shopping in a totally different way now this club.

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10 minutes ago, iceboy said:

Hearing Aubmayeng expects to join a new club in the next 24 hours. Arsenal...?


Matt Law.

Arsenal getting him in 24 hours meanwhile we need 3 months to buy Bakayoko who by the way sucks.

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