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Reserves' Revolution

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André Villas-Boas calls for revolution in English youth football

André Villas-Boas"]I was always of the opinion that the youth competitions should be differently organised in England, B sides could be a good option in England – a Chelsea B and a Man United B – and these teams should be able to play.

I know it collides pretty much against the culture of British football and the defence of the historic principles of British football, but I think these teams should allowed to play up to Championship level. The reserve league is not as important for it to be the step below the first team. It is not the level it should be.

I think a reorganisation of the structures of youth competitions would be better, each age group from eight-year-olds to 18-year-olds, like in Europe, like in Spain, like in Portugal, like in France, should always have two squads, one squad always competing at national level and other squad competing in regional level.

These squads should be built like a normal first-team squad of 22 players, with one age group being one year younger – those who play in the regional leagues – and the other group one year older – those who play in the national leagues.

In the end, competition promotes talent and I think it would be for the benefit of English football.


Reciprocating the views many of us hold here..

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There defiently has to be something done as far as reserve team football is concerned but would a U21 tournament be better and have a olympic style rule that you can have 3 over 23's playing at one time (just incase a first team player needs a fitness runout)? Give it more exposure like have a U21 Champions League or FA Cup on alternate weeks to the real CL.

Just a thought.

My worry would be is if Chelsea B and United B entered the championship and started walking it season after season it might kill the competitive nature of that league, but it won't be the worst idea although should it happen i can't see it happening till alteast 2014.

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