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Deadline Day!

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What are u thoughts about deadline day? Which are players that u expect Chelsea to sign, and which are players u expect Chelsea to sold?


Modric, and i expect one crazy signing again from nothing.

OUT:Kalou, Malouda, Benayoun.

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The fee between the two clubs I think! I have a sneaky feeling Modric will be annouced at about 12:30, with Kalou, Benayoun and Malouda leaving, with another 2 players coming in! Going to be a very interesting day!

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I really want to see Kalou out! Not so fussed about anyone else going out even though it would be good to see Malouda out also. I would like to see 2 or 3 players come in also to cover the gaps.

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What I think will happen :

In - Perreira, de Bruyne

Out - Benayoun, Kalou/Alex

What I will be delighted with if it happens :

In - Modric, de Bruyne

Out - Kalou, Malouda :D

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Out of nowhere ? That means a surprise ? That we all looking forward to XD btw , De Bruyne not finished yet ? I thought he has deal with us already ...

Modric really should know this maybe the last chance for him to play for us ..If he's not coming , he will gain nothing by the end of the season( I don't see Spurs going to win anything after 1-5 defeat to ManCity) ,and next year we'll have new targets or Josh will do the same job as Modric could.

Offensively speaking , It's his choice to rot with Levy or win trophies with us. XD

Liverpool fans making noise about how they'll land Sturridge :giggle:

Oh no ,we should keep Sturridge... or but send him on loan to Liverpool will be acceptable for me XDDDD

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They want Sturridge and 5-10 Mio for Meireles, hopefully this is just a joke as AVB said Sturridge's gonna be a part of our squad this season.

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Crazy Day Tomorrow!!

Hopefully when I wake up, we have all the transfers wrapped up.

Dear Santa,

I want me a Modric and a Kevin DeBruyne when i wake up.

Your Little Friend

- Warnie

Would be a nice little present for you. but i don't want us spending ridiculous money on these players.

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