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Juan Mata

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MATA'S letter on his website "I never forget: thanks, Chelsea!" Juan Mata Chelsea goodbye with an emotional letter Hi everyone, As you can imagine this is a very important day in my life, and with the

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Some factor's played a role. Nothing is ever one dimentional about these kind of things.

1) Mata could not play how Jose wanted

2) He is a very good player who got used to be in front so apparently that was a shock for him

3) So MU came made the right offer at the right time and admit that it was one of the smartest things they could have done

4) Stop blaming Jose or Mata or the board. Everyone done their job well. Grow a pair and blame MU's smart move

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would chelsea fans would be happy if we stop a fantastic person to be happy...

yes josé they are... fuck you tits... Mata is wonderfull I love him I even adore him... but he was stuck in hell... and you just have to understand BOTH partys... can't understand all of you... I'm frustrated but if he comes to the bridge I will sing his name even harder... and don't blame mou... like said... even Drogs left... he was to me a bigger player... and again I adore de special juan, no mata what...

They must've payed more then 40 Mio if mou keeps saying it was a phenomenal offer, and thats good enough for me... but we should've demanded 75 Mio, if bale was worth 92...

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Time to burn my Mata shirt.....

If you do, keep it to yourself. The last time i saw shirt burning was by those scousers when Torres left. Disgusting.

Mata did no wrong, he wants to play and rightfully so being such a brilliant player. He just does not fit our current system, wasted on the bench. Its not the end of the world, its saddening but its not as big of a deal as some people are making it out to be. I think Jose was right that we needed to show him the respect he deserves.

Good luck Juan, you will be missed.

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I remember this goal very well, this game was crucial for us to win in order to finish in the top 4. I enjoyed his celebration that time.

But as some has said, we are Chelsea FC and we will not stop functioning just because 1 great player left.

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Mata is gone. Chelsea goes on without him

This. Sad to see him leave, especially to manu, but that's just how it is now. It's not the end of the world.

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hope hazard will break more goals and assist this and next season,,twice POTY,,2 major title....and the history of beauty of mata will goes on forever....

little magician go and little wizard has grow up now...

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