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The PES Thread

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Still baffles me how they can work on a game for so long and still miss the basic things ready for release. This is horrendous and one of the reasons they have so many annoyed customers every year.

29th October for squad updates

We would first like to apologize for the delay in this announcement as we want to assure you that we have tried to exhaust all possible options to provide you with the updates as soon as possible.

However, we are happy to announce that Live Updates will be available for online modes (Online Divisions, Friendly Match Lobby, Team Play Lobby, Online Competition, Quick Match) starting October 1st. The Live Updates will not only update the stats of key players depending on their weekly performance, but also allow you to use the fully updated rosters of the team of your choice during online play.

Live Updates will also be available for one-off offline matches, such as Exhibition matches and Friendlies.

Also starting October 29th our first Data Pack will arrive that will fully implement all updated rosters to all modes and make Live Updates available to all applicable modes, this time including myClub!

The Data Pack will also be adding new teams to our already existent line-up.

Meh, just use patches. PES is not meant to be played out of box.

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Meh, just use patches. PES is not meant to be played out of box.

Should a game, whether it be PES or FIFA, need patching after paying upwards of £40 when they have had numerous months working on the game?

This is a basic feature, how can something like this take another month to sort from Konami point of view?

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Anybody bought PES 2017 on PC? Is it worth it? 90% of reviews on Steam are horrible for the PC port, I was actually going to buy it until I read the reviews. Are refunds painless on Steam, does anybody know? If not, then guess waiting for the crack is the way to go for PC users when Konami gives no respect to us.

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It is wank on PC, playable, but clearly not the same game as on NG consoles. A slightly different PES 2016. Had it been a decent game I would have bought it for online gaming, but not this shit.

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Had PES since release, love it to be honest. Got myself a cracking option file with nigh on everything on it and really enjoying this game.

Tried the FIFA demo, really not feeling it, I won't just buy a game for the sake of it, I play the one that gives me the most, and PES does.

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I've been playing both games since the early PS1 days. FIFA in the last couple of years feels like a DLC lots of times. I feel that they are a bit afraid to alter gameplay too much because of the Ultimate Team because it's making them so much money. They are trying to milk out every last penny until possible from that.

As for FIFA 18 gameplay...I just feel bored when I play, especially when I loose the ball. I don't like ball control, it's sluggish. Animations overall are ugly, like players have very bad tehnique when executing some passes and moves.

PES18 is brilliant when it comes to gameplay and it's something I play now, but goddamn KONAMI can be really idiotic.

For example, since forever, they can't make loaned players belong to the parent club but instead belong to the loaned club in Master Leage. That means that when you play as Chelsea in the Master League, you lose our WHOLE LOAN ARMY.

Menus in PES are just shambolic.

For a couple of years now, KONAMI has failed to create a good camera angle for replays.

Game has a bug, when ref marks free kick and the wall on the grass, and a bit later you have another fk, new free kick doesn't get marked until the old one doesn't disappear.

For a couple of years now, AI just doesn't make fouls.

Penalties are awful.

No dedicated button to BLOCK the shot.

Tackle button requires two clicks which makes it difficult to be timed.

No dedicated control to execute a volley, lots of times I wanted a volley and my player hits it with his head which fails  miserably.

No Stadium Creator yet.


And what's interesting, KONAMI has made PES unavailable in Serbia which means I can't buy it on steam, and now I refuse to spend my money on them. They delayed the PC demo also until the release, and pissed off so much of PC gamers that actually PES 18 was cracked less then 15 days after the release :D

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