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  1. They have played five matches in the last two weeks and traveled through Europe twice and still they have to play some nothing club in EL Q less than 48 hours after this and then United at the week end. Really no excuses if Chelsea do not get through to the next round.

  2. 5 hours ago, Strike said:

    TC being TC. You'd think we are in April going by the reactions here. Its two games into the season!


    Think it is the manner of how the team was set up to play that has made the fans angry, rather than the result. It really was a coward display, a reminiscence of JM Mk II, a packed midfield, a creative no. 10 played on the wing, another midfielder on the other just to track back - everything to try to nullify Liverpool's strenghts, rather than imposing our own game. This is not good enough for a club of this calibre playing at home.

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  3. Yeah I don't get the Mason Mount hate from some people either, he might not be the flashiest of attacking midfielders, but he is a very good player to have in your squad, think he will eventually turn out to be England's next James Milner which frankly is not a bad thing, they both seem to be very similar in many ways, at least in my opinion.

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  4. Don't know what to make of RLC's performance, think the guy lives in his own world where he thinks he is on Mbappe's level when actually he is  not fit to lace Ashley Westwood's boots. He is so lazy and does not even look like he is trying to make things work in his favour, can't remember the last time he's had a decent cameo, always a passenger, hopefully he gets his shit sorted and stops riding that 'coming of an injury' BS, he simply does not do the basics right, this has nothing to do with the injury.

  5. So I am reading this article from Spanish newspaper Sport, FC Barcelona's mouthpiece, on Messi's supposed contract with City - five year deal on 100M Euro/year (before or after tax, they do not mention) and a 250M Euro signing on bonus, payable over three years.

    Accurate or not, this is absurd money. City and Paris have unlimited funds and they can easily pay not only one contracts like this, but five. But how can any club struck a deal like this and stay within the FFP rules it is beyond my understanding.

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  6. 7 hours ago, communicate said:

    Nah, silva is 36,we have to see how he can cope with epl especially if we defend the same way as last season. 

    Just the simple fact that the club signed TS makes me somehow calm and shows that FL acknowledged that defence is a big problem because to be honest I was a bit worried he'd might only sign Chilwell for the back line and ignore the other important area, the center of defence, where there is actually a very big problem because the way I see it Chelsea probably have THE worst centre backs out of all the big clubs, I have written on this board before but I think they are simply useless, especially Rudiger who I do not rate at all because he simply lacks the basics and the intelligence to play for a big club, I still can't get over that reckless tackle v Arsenal when there was no need for it and left the defence wide open it just shows how poor he is and what a low footballing IQ he has, he is an abysmal football player.

    If it was me I would pair TS with Azpilicueta at CB. Rudiger, Zouma and Christensen are not good enough.

  7. 5 hours ago, Jason said:

    Ironic that you said "no disrespect to Azpilicueta" and then proceeded to disrespect him by saying he should be replaced as captain by our latest new shiny toy...

    The need for Silva to take the armband is silly and overrated anyway. We had the likes of Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Cech etc all in the past and they didn't even need the armband to lead the team. 

    It is not any shiny toy, it is a world class defender with tons of experience that just happened to have played a CL final a week ago. You listed four players that have been strong characters and true leaders in the dressing room and four captains on the pitch, now there is no player with big balls in this squad, at least this is how I see it. It is why I am happy with this transfer, we don't get the prime Thiago Silva, as a matter of fact he's passed it already, but he will bring leadership into a young squad that frankly lacks big characters.

  8. No disrespect to Azpilicueta he is a big influence at the club, but he is no captain material if you ask me, Thiago Silva should be given the armband the second he steps a foot at Cobham and he should definitely be the loudest on the pitch, genuine WC defender hopefully his presence will have a similar impact to Van Dijk's arrival at Liverpool. Granted they have better defenders, but still T. Silva's presence alone should be of massive importance.

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  9. Fast forward 3-4 weeks from now Messi has got himself a bumper new deal, some fucker he did not like is thrown out of the club and the muppet show is over. If there is one player in this world that has such a huge organisation at his feet, that is Lionel Messi, he simply runs that club inside, out.

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  10. Chelsea have leaked goals left and right all season long and at this point any defender that comes in and any CB partnership other than the ones we've already seen is a massive improvement. If you ask me Zouma and Christensen are Everton/West Ham material and Rudiger is a complete buffoon, a total clown with probably one of the lowest footballing IQs of all players, simply cannot be trusted. Tomori not ready yet.

    Hence Thiago Silva is a must. Even Smalling would improve Chelsea's defence at this moment, this is how bad the CBs are, awful, really awful. Or at least this is how I see it.

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  11. Nothing against Chilwell, I actually think he is a decent full back, but nowhere even close to the rumoured amounts. If Leicester still ask for silly (and absurd) money then move on to cheaper and maybe better targets. Anything over 45M for Chilwell is already too much.

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  12. Bit nervous to be fair, but at the same time I am confident we'll get the job done. Wish Leicester dumps Manure out of CL football, deluded Mancs would go from hero to zero in the span of just a couple of weeks, from the next dominant force in European football, led by that overrated diver Bruno Fernandez, to Europa League. Don't think it is going to happen though, Leicester seem to have ran out of steam and have no support in the stands, but it would be fun.

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  13. 6 minutes ago, chelsea_4_eva said:

    I can just imagine it if we win the league next season "oH YOu jusT bOugHt tHe LeaGue" psshhhh

    Anyone who wins the league with our current defence should be given Prince Charles' place in the line of succession. 

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  14. Pulisic, Havertz, Hakim Z, Werner that is one hell of a forward line it has got everything you wish for pace, trickery, creativity, goals and apart from Hakim Z. none is even close to his peak.

    But that GK and defenders though... :doh:

    If it was me in charge I'd splash the Chilwell cash on his partner - Soyuncu - and then buy Telles or Tagliafico for the left full back spot. 

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  15. He is a 90M player but actually nobody should pay that for him just because of the current economic climate and the fact that Leverkusen just missed on CL football next season. Plus Kai Havertz's contract situation and the rumoured transfer request. 

    Leverkusen are in no position to hold on for that much money. Maybe with CL football they'd have been entitled to, but not now and if they do it then good luck I guess, they'll lose him for half of that next summer. Or even worse, for free to Bayern the summer of 2022.

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