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  1. Nice info, mate. Haven't watched him so much, but I've seen he's on the big clubs' radar. Since I have the chance to ask you here, I'll be a bit offtopic on this one: what about Bruma? any news on him? is he a free agent or he is Sporting's player for another year? heard about an offer from Galatasaray, but some guys said he's interested in joining Chelsea. Is it true? Would be nice to hear an opinion from a guy living in Lisbon, rather than reading some tweets and translating some quotations from newspapers,
  2. Rudi Garcia, Roma's coach, when asked about the transfers: "Sappiamo di che giocatori abbiamo bisogno. De Rossi? È un grande giocatore, senza dubbio: è meglio averlo con noi, piuttosto che vederlo partire. Ha fatto una grande Confederation Cup e in questi giorni aveva bisogno di riposarsi." "We know the players that we need. De Rossi? He's a great player, no doubt: it is better having him with us, rather than see him leaving. He's had a great Confederations Cup and these days he needs some rest." De Rossi was not included in the squad for the first part of Roma's pre-season in Riscone di Bruni
  3. HAHAHAH!!!! I swear I can't stop laughing, woke up the entire house haha
  4. Meanwhile, Strootman is on the pitch against Arminia Bielefeld in a friendly game played in Germany. :banghead: Well, I know if a guy is involved in a transfer and the deal is almost done, he should not be playing, especially in a friendly game... I mean, if he gets injured, then the deal is off. I guess all the reports we're reading are BS, the deal is nowhere near to be done I think. C'mon Roma, wtf are you doing? Just sign this fking dutch footballer and send Daniele to Thailand asap, then you can watch Strootman play in as many friendlies as you want.
  5. Only know he is one of the best guys working for espn deportes and friends with loads of worldclass footballers. Hope he is right on this one! C'mon Daniele!!!
  6. This might prove to be the best deal in football history if someone signs him FOR FREE and he turns into the next Cristiano Ronaldo or better than him...
  7. PSV bevestigde gisteravond dat het in de transfer van Strootman nu alleen nog wacht op een betalingsgarantie van Italiaanse kant. Die moet er komen in de vorm van een bankgarantie. "PSV confirmed last night that the transfer of Strootman now only waiting for a payment guarantee from Italian side. That should come in the form of a bank guarantee."
  8. Heard Romeu passed his medical in Valencia today and PSV announced last night they've agreed terms with Roma for Strootman. Also the player agreed a five-year contract and for the transfer to be official PSV only need a "payment guarantee" from the italian side.
  9. It seems he agreed to move to Munich on a four-year deal. Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge announced they triggered Thiago's release clause. Wasn't really a target for Chelsea, but, boy, I'd love to see the reaction on united fans' face haha
  10. Actually it's 18.2m euros a year including taxes. w/o taxes, Cavani will be on a 10m euros salary. Il Mattino and El Pais reporting the deal is done and he'll be signing with Paris by tomorrow.
  11. I remember Mourinho explaining his tactics back when he was first in charge at Chelsea. He said the most important area in EPL is midfield and he chose to use a 4-3-3 formation (Makelele, Essien/Thiago, Lamps) just because if he wanted to reign over the league he had to to be in charge of that area of the pitch. He also said he chose to do so because back then most of the teams in the league were playing tactics based on two midfielders (4-4-2, 4-2-3-1) and if he'd use a 4-3-3- formation than his three midfielders would be in charge of that area. I think he'll do the same now because things ha
  12. Wallace didn't board on the plane to Thailand. Now I think De Rossi is even closer to signing for Chelsea. In any other circumstances, Wallace would have been into the plane today, but considering Roma wants him, the deal for Daniele must be pretty close to being solved.
  13. Just saw on Goncalo Lopes' twitter account something on Bruma. This guy is a journalist for Diario de Noticias: "Bruma didn't show up in the training this morning." "Representatives of Bruma have requested to the court the annulment of the contract with Sporting" "Bruma says he has no contract now with Sporting. The club says he has one until 2014" "His agent just said that "someone" tried to abduct Bruma this morning" "For some weeks now, Sporting had tried to meet with Bruma, to renew his contract, but the player never attended" "He always sent his lawyer to talk with Sporting, but the club
  14. Actually, they say Roma has agreed a fee WITH PSV for Kevin Strootman, who is supposed to be De Rossi's replacement, not with Chelsea for Daniele. They are also saying Roma will accept a £11million bid from Chelsea, but they want Wallace on loan for a season. Roma Calcio News ‏@romacalcionews Dall'Olanda: accordo raggiunto per Strootman, al PSV 20 milioni. Now I think it's crystal clear - De Rossi's days in Rome are counted. C'mon Jose, make it happen!
  15. Apparently, Jose is interested in Lazio's playmaker, Hernanes. http://www.iltempo.it/sport/calcio/2013/07/09/chelsea-su-hernanes-psg-pronto-al-rilancio-1.1154778 Don't know how reliable Il Tempo can be, but I surely know Hernanes is one of Paris' priorities.
  16. I share the same opinion, he's worth more than 25 million euros, thought about 35-40. Even if he's only played one season, you only need one game to watch him in action and realise he'll be a top defender in the future. Best rated CB aged betweed 18-21 years old along with Varane, Nastasic, Umtiti, Zouma, Papadopoulos, maybe De Vrij IMO. Moreover, I see Marquinhos as a one-club only player in the future. If Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, City, Paris, United will sign him will have him for years - he'll just grow bigger and bigger by year and it will be hard for someone to take his place in t
  17. So, today Roma president hangs down the phone wrongly and whoever called him heard what he was discussing with the other director/directors about their transfer strategies? Are you buying this? Now, they talked about: -Roma will sell De Rossi for the right price. They say the right bid hasn't yet come for Daniele - they are also wiling to let Marquinhos go for 25m €. Quite strange as Napoli bid 30m € for the brazilian one month ago and Roma said the bid needs to be improved. - also they talked about Osvaldo in "nasty" terms and they want him gone from Rome. Well, I don't know if this wasn't ju
  18. from Fulham to Fulham Road
  19. You know, let me tell you a story. But bare in mind it is ONLY MY OPINION. Don't know if this is true, but this is what I feel about Gotze and Lewandowski going to Bayern. Let's go back in 2004 when Dortmund were in banktrupcy - they were broke and had no money, they were on the verge of losing all the players because they were not able to pay the salaries. Don't know the rules, but they were about to be relegated or dissolved, until Bayern came and helped them with €2m. Remarkably, it was not revealed until early last year, when Hoeness brought it up at a supporters' meeting. With the two clu
  20. I share the same opinion, too. No doubt he's a top striker, but he is just a big time pussy, like a girl cheated by her rich husband, but willing to stay with him so she doesn't have to come back to her normal life. Lewandowski is afraid of a big challenge, he's afraid of being the man that everybody counts on scoring goals. He's afraid of going out of Germany and be a flop like Torres. Everybody will say "yea', we knew this polish guy was shit, all he did in Dortmund was because of guys like Reus, Gotze, Gundogan that were the heart of the team.". Instead, Lewandowski choses to stay in German
  21. Klopp - "Ich glaube, es ist Fakt, dass Robert Lewandowski nach der kommenden Saison zu den Bayern wechseln wird". "Jetzt geht es darum: Wie gestalten wir den Zeitraum bis dahin Das ist unser Anliegen, und es ist unsere Verfplichtung gegenüber unseren Fans und Mitgliedern, dafür zu sorgen, dass wir auch in der kommenden Saison eine mehr als konkurrenzfähige Mannschaft haben werden." "I believe it's a fact that Robert Lewandowski will move to Bayern after the coming season." "Now it's about this: how do we build in the time until then? That is our concern, and it is our duty to our fans and me
  22. Can't argue with you on this just because I've been in London only twice. But if you mentioned it, I'll stick to the subject and the first image that came to my mind was David Luiz's house. Don't know if it's correct to say "house", that's a mansion, don't know what the hell is that. My appartment in Bucharest I think it is smaller than his living room. Chelsea's players nowadays are living a King's life. That's normal, this is what happens everywhere in Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Paris, Manchester and this is what separates the best from the rest. Give them what they want, give them motivatio
  23. Guys, stop worrying about psg FFS!!! This is Chelsea, this is Mou, this is Roman, this is one of the best teams in the modern days, why the hell are you worried about this french side? If Roman and Mou want De Rossi, they'll have him. period! If Roman and Mou would want any other player on this planet, they would have him. Except Messi, I think; not because Chelsea wouldn't be able to pay Messi's wages or the transfer money, but Messi will probably be ending his career in Barcelona. Roman could have even Irina Shayk doing his coffee in the morning and talking to Cristiano in the same time, say
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