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  1. Maurizio Sarri to SLEEP at Chelsea training ground when he takes over from Antonio Conte this week


    Where does the media get this crap from [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]


    That’s exactly Sarri style

    He was used in Napoli too to spend nights and days in the training center preparing next matches


    His family dis not move to Napoli, he wanted to focus totally on his job


    I’m so sad for him I don’t know how I will follow Napoli next year



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  2. Promise them we won't, sign Sarri, and then activate the clauses anyways as a "fuck you" to De Laurentiis for being a gigantic asshole to us for years.
    don't put that on personal

    De Laurentiis is "il Pappone", The Pimp, he is a gigantic assole with everyone

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  3. It's always great to read some testimonial from Napoli fan point of view regarding Sarri. Well, you've got Ancelotti as a replacement, think he will do well there. Some Chelsea fans are still admiring his philosophy of football. Also I am expecting some great signing from him, as he is such a highly respectable manager.
    I know that Ancelotti is a great replacement but simply I (and 90 % of Napoli supporter) just wanted to keep him

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  4. Sarri is the real top manager of Serie A. But he doesn't know a single word of english, and  he is not the kind of person who change his life joining a new country at the age of 59 (IMHO) Allegri is an average manager, very smart from the communicative pov. in a word: overrated  Luis Enrique is another overrated manager. 

    The only one that can achieve results without spending big money  is Simeone





    Sarri worked as international bank trader in London and Luxemburg before quitting the bank job to follow his passion


     I don't think that the language or the life change are problems 

    I only hope that he will teach football in my Napoli as long as possible but I know that in some year he'll move to Spain or England


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  5. Conte is an excellent motivator but he's not exactly a great tactical manager. Still way too early to predict who will be the replacement. Maybe Prandelli.

    Prandelli signed for galatasaray

    I think 3 options

    Mancini, Spalletti or Allegri

    Or Capello, if he breaks with Russia team

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  6. It has been an assault, Roma's ultras assault families that we're going to the stadium, and a Rome supporter started shooting on people

    2 were injured, 1 is still fighting for life and if he will survive he will never walk

    Rome has a lot of political power, all the troubles from Rome supporter are always obfuscated,

    Ask Tottenham fans, they've been assaulted from Rome's and lazio's supporter , because they were jewis

    Next year Rome will be in champions, be aware if you play against them they're funking crazy fascists, they always use knife and now are starting with guns; you were scared to come in Napoli but I can ensure you that Rome will be the real danger

  7. This is false.

    So why Napoli picked up Rolando from Porto?

    Don't hate Mazzarri just because he preferred Inter to Napoli, come on.

    We needed a good skilled defender, and our scouting found Rolando for a very good price in January

    He never played until end of April, in 3 months he starded understanding Italian so he could start playing with Mazzarri

    He played 2 or 3 matches

    This year he was ready for Mazzarri, so Mazzarri asked him for Inter

    Same stuff for Vargas, no stranger (and youngs) for Mazzarri

    Vargas was votes as the second best southamerican young after Neymar, we spent 12 millions of euros for him

    Mazzarri interview: "Vargas? I don't know him"

    Vargas never played, he entered only as forth striker at 85th when we were loosing, and when our president asked Mazzarri about Vargas he replayed "you have to decide if you want to play with young players or if you want win"

    I don't hate Mazzarri, I think that he help us to grow, he is the best trainer for let a small team grow, but he cannot train a big team

    He plays with only 13-15 players, other almost doesn't exists

    He don't speak any language except Italian

    He don't like young players, he prefers over 28

    And he cannot manage 2 competitions, he focus only on Campionato or league, and trows the other in the garbage

    I told that I don't hate Mazzarri, but He is nothing compared to Benitez, like to pass from an elementary teacher to a universitary prof.

  8. Lavezzi,Cavani,Hamsik,Inler was so deadly everybody would love to have an attack of these 4. Maybe you are a better team now but that time you were really deadly, but yea, a better manager would have done better. I still think Mazzari would have done better if he had the money Benitez had during the summer.

    We were looking for Mertens and Callejon already 2 years ago, but Mazzarri refused them because they didn't speak Italian

    You can have how many money you want, but if you look only to players playing in serie A you can never grow

    Benitez had this money because we sold Cavani, so ok he had a big budget but he loses the bigger to player Napoli had after Maradona

    Mazzarri had 30 millions when we sold Lavezzi, we bought Mesto, he was looking for Bianchi, refused Mertens and callejon

    We bought Vargas, 12 millions of euros, 2nd best South American player behind Neymar, and Mazzarri let him play maximum 5 minutes at the end of matches, because he didn't speak Italian

    Watch now Mazzarri at inter, without a top level player like Cavani

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  9. Your team that faced us in the Champions league was a team that would have won the scudetto with a little investment.

    We had the maximum of the grow With mazzarri, he can train only italian speaking players, he plays only only 5-3-2, and he can focus only on one competition at time (we arrived 5th in Campionato that year, focusing only on champions)

    Our plan was to build a team with Benitez around Cavani, but he decided to leave and with his 64 millions of euros nets we bought higuain, Albiol, callejon and Mertens

    I think that this team is really stronger that the one played against Chelsea, and has bigger grows prospect

  10. If you can win the league title under Benitez, then good for Napoli (even his rubbishness in the league has to end at some point) but don't be surprised if you don't. His record of having won no league titles or even challenging consistently for it every season (even Arsenal have done it better than Benitez's Liverpool) since leaving Valencia tells its own story.

    In 90 years Napoli won 2 scudetti di serie A, 1 uefa league and 4 coppa Italia

    We won the scudetti and uefa league with Maradona, before his arrival no team from the south of Rome never won anything in Italy

    I say that to explain that it will be not so terrible for us not to win the europa league, we see a growing project and we are totally satisfied of this, we pretend a qualification to Champions League for next year and a good performance in this europa league

  11. I don't watch the Seria A that much too judge it but one thing i know is that Juventus isn't that strong, they just lack competition. Benitez is good for cups agree with that but in the league he just doesn't do it. Do you have these games where you just think you are a shit team? You know, the odd draws or losses you should win. Then the next game you go on and play like you are the second coming of Barcelona. We had this same shit last year. Benitez is not a manager that can promise consitency,

    Money is what brought Higuan , Callejon and Albiol to Napoli. Reina left because he wasn't needed anymore at Liverpool. I like Napoli very much and believe me or not i cheer for you anytime you play and specially if that means that you are challenging Juventus for the title, i hate them so much. I think you would be off better if your old manager stayed atleast for another year.

    in italy you play at least 24 matches against teams with 5 defenders and 4 midfields, that prepare the match for a tie

    Juventus is perfect against this teams, and has a big immunity for his players, no yellow cards or penalty for juventus, so you can't compare juventus performance in Campionato with her performance in Champions to say that she is not that strong

    Actual juventus is invulnerable in Campionato

    Napoli is a young team, we failed 9 years ago and restarted from third division, and we are a low budget team, we don't have externals investors so our financial balance has to be always positive, we don't watch at the result for this year but we watch at the big grow we had this year with Benitez for what concern the mentality, the approach at the game, the international performance.

    It's not true that money is enought to buy the players we need to become competitive, we don't have so much money to win auction against big European teams, for example we are thinking about mascherano for next year, and it looks that he likes us.

    if he will come in Napoli, we will have to thank only Benitez for that, he has to reduce his salary, and he will do that only with Benitez

    With Mazzarri we could think to Mesto from Genoa or Bianchi from Torino, now Mascherano from Barca is thinking about us

  12. Believe me , if you had another Manager you would be higher up in the league.

    Believe me, I don't think

    Best Napoli I saw after maradona

    Juventus is too strong this year, and I think we will arrive 2nd this year passing the Rome

    We made 12 points in champions, I don't think another manager could do more

    I think we will have a good Europa league,and we absolutely need of that for the uefa rating (we were in forth range this year in champions, always death league for us in champions)

    Higuain callejon Albiol left Real Madrid for Napoli only because of Benitez, Reina the same

    Tell me who could be better for us than Benitez

  13. Benitez has taken Napoli into the Coppa Italia final where they will face Fiorentina. His side thrashed Roma 3-0 yesterday and won the tie 5-3 on aggregate. Good in cup competitions but rubbish in the league...

    What a match!

    What a trainer!

  14. Official ssc Napoli's comunication

    "In merito ad alcune

    argomentazioni apparse su

    Facebook secondo le quali Mario Balotelli

    avrebbe pianto ieri allo stadio a causa di presunti

    cori razzisti nei suoi confronti, il Napoli sottolinea

    che, come tutti i presenti allo stadio hanno potuto

    vedere, non c'e' stato alcun coro razzista nei suoi

    confronti, cosi' come non c'e' mai stato alcun

    coro razzista al San Paolo nei confronti di

    nessuno" .

    There has not been racism against balotelli, as there has never been any racism from Napoli's supporters

  15. Was apparently being abused racially by the fans in the stadium.

    The San Paolo stadium is the only one in Italy that respect balotelli

    He has more fans in Napoli than in Milan

    Search for the video where he walk yesterday in Napoli and all Napoli fans stop him to ask for a picture

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