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  1. Have a feeling we're going to smash these lot, I'd start Remy upfront though. Costa's not cutting it enough for the past few games.

    Cesc is probably going to start this one, but it would be very nice to see RLC on the bench :)

    3 points here against this lot and UTD + Palace. We could be in a shout for top 4. Easier said than done though, but I'm feeling very optimistic with Guus in charge of this team. The only way is up for the boys and us fans.

    give Remy a start ,, and give Cesc 60 mins and RLC 30

  2. @rhinos skin

    the fact you visit the bridge has given you a false sense of superiority , BUFFON ... Now you are a medical expert as well .You talked of moving on but ypou are unable to resist you childish

    digs at those you perceive responsible for Mourinho's dismissal .

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  3. First game after sacking Scolari in 2009, Chelsea 3-1 Watford. Then Hiddink took over.

    First game after sacking Mourinho in 2015, Chelsea 3-1 Sunderland. Then Hiddink took over.

    Let's hope the end result will be the same as the first time around.

    Holland matches Wilkins record of 100% wins

  4. alright my man? No I've been free as a bird but trying to keep my sanity by staying clear of this place. But what can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment. Boys like yourself do make me miss here tho

    have a good Xmas then ,,

  5. Thanks. And at the end of the day, we don't need to elaborate theories that we would label in French 'à dormir debout'. Had Mourinho built a dinasty over 10 years while winning trophies and playing good football adn creating the so sought-after 'stability', everyone would have been happy. But that's no the case and it was not going to happen. We have players that have their qualities and their limitations just as Mourinho has his own qualities and limitations. It happens that Mourinho has not 'long-term' within his range of qualities, and that his qualities did not work any longer with our squad and project, leaving only his limitations to be expressed. So yeah, that's life—it was not working any longer regardless of people interest or good-will or passion.

    Now dont fuck off for months Peace ..

  6. why did we look so good today .?. Not through trying harder but being free from fear and therefore free to attack , would love to see a map of positions but we seemed to

    have 6 or 7 in attack ,, Today offers real hope for the rest of the season KTBFFH

  7. The attacking players know they can play with more freedom and can be more flashy without having to worry about getting a bollcking from Jose for not tracking back, or losing the ball in a dangerous place.

    and thats why they look so different ,, not just one player but all

  8. Possibly, but maybe in the third season at United they'd back him, give him a chance to succeed and he'd have competition for places to keep players on their toes.

    You speak as if people are incapable of changing, of growth. Yet I've already heard people say that this wasn't the same Jose as 2005 Jose, so clearly they believe people are capable of change even if it's change they don't agree with.

    But I'm sure you'll get the manager in you want next. Who is that by the way?

    WHO do you want ,, you ask everybody but chicken out on your choice

  9. city dont have real fans only plastic oil fans

    you are so wrong ,, they were in the old 3rd division and had crowds over 30000 , Their fans deserve success ,, just as ours did ,

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  10. He'd do a great job for 2 years and then lose the dressing room. It's happened at Madrid. It happened here. It would happen there aswell.

    He's simply been found out as a short term manager. The siege mentality, which is vital for Mourinho, turns against him after a while.

    He needs to keep escalating things to keep the us vs them thing going and his pragmatic way of coaching gets boring fast.

    manure fans scream ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK at the Dutchmans team .. imagine with Jose it would be priceless

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