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  1. I've spoke to Chelsea fans, who are still bitter  about Lampard and feel Lampard should be still in charge, so they still haven't managed to fully appreciate Tuchel. I feel this will always stick with Tuchel, for the duration of the time he is here.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Tomo said:

    The most pleasing thing so far is he isn't shoehorning Kante back in.


    I love the guy and I'm sure most do, but there's a good amount of our fanbase wishing Tuchel fails because of Lampard and they don't rate him highly. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Atomiswave said:

    My brother is a gooner and he cant fathom how we got third. Arsenal utterly blew it in the last second. Just 1 more win for arsenal and a Draw for spuds and we would be out. We have been dealt a huge gift imo......we must build on this, there are no other ways.

    This 3rd spot is very similar to United getting 2nd spot last season. Everyone knows we aren't the third best team in England right now, and United weren't the 2nd best team last season. It all creates a false sense of security. United board believed in this 2nd spot and they paid the price, by not backing the manager, and I'm getting the impression we will pay the price because our board is inept and will probably keep Sarri. 

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  4. The fact that Arsenal and Tottenham's form in the league recently took a massive nose-dive, is the worst thing that could have happened to this football club. It's almost like that Kimpembe handball against United. A false friend. Now, we are stuck with mediocrity for the foreseeable future and it's not going to get any better. Everyone, who understands football, clearly knows we didnt "earn" top 4 this season or deserve to be in it but we were merely gifted it. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against being gifted something but when our entire team is a shambles, with an inept manager and our best player leaving in the summer, the board will accept this mediocrity and all this, is papering over the huge cracks that exist. Next season, is the first season in the Abramovich era, where I have ZERO confidence we will be able to achieve anything. 

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  5. Sarri is a poison that needs to be extinguished this summer. Everyone's excuse is that Sarri needs time to build his own team with his players but with the transfer ban coming up, what hope do we have with this manager? Nothing. We need to bring in a manager that is able to work well with youth players and can build a good team from all our current players out on loan, with the ones we already have. 

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  6. 51 minutes ago, Vesper said:

    You really need to look before you post


    Mário Rui  £4.95m

    Zielinski   £12.60m

    Allan   £10.35m

    Mertens   £8.53m

    Albiol   £10.80m    

    Kalidou Koulibaly   £6.98m

    Amadou Diawara  £13.05m

    José Callejón  £8.55m

    Marek Hamsik   £4.95m    

    Lorenzo Insigne  no fee, academy

    Elseid Hysaj  £4.5m

    Faouzi Ghoulam    £4.50m

    Milik £28.80m (with the Higs' sale money)

    Higuain £35.10m


    14 players, all starters

    total spent



    £10.98m average


    £63.9m (42 percent)

    was spent on Higs and then Milik


    subtract them

    its £7.48m per player for the other 12



    "Napoli have been splashing cash, in relative to italian football"


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  7. 4 hours ago, MoroccanBlue said:

    Comparing a man who broke the Serie A record with little to no budget and having only Zielinski and the ghost of Christian Maggio as bench options, to David Moyes is well and truly a laughable comparison. 

    "little to no budget"? Are you serious man? Napoli have been splashing cash, in relative to Italian football, for a while now. Were players like Milik, Zielinski, Allan, Higuain, Mertens, Albiol all bought with "little to no budget"? I even remember the transfer window when Napoli bought 3 in-form Real Madrid players in a single window. Granted, some of those players I listed weren't Sarri signings, but he still had foundation of good players, bought with a lot of money. 

    You are talking about "little to no budget"? That's what Everton was 2004-2013. 

    What is the most ironic thing about all, is that this year's Napoli side has performed great in the Champions League and were extremely unlucky not to go through, and have outperformed all Sarri's Napoli sides in Europe. That's the reality of Sarri's management ability but he has too many Chelsea fans brainwashed into thinking he is some second coming of Guardiola. 


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  8. I'm all well and good with giving managers time. I understand that our model has shifted to a more patient approach with emphasis on building a sustainable team, that will challenge down the line. Guardiola was given time and now he has transformed City in a formidable side. His first season was an improvement season to their previous season, when they finished 4th under Pellegrini, so whilst they weren't the finished product, they still made progress as they finished higher. That's not even to mention, Guardiola has one of the best CV's in world football, boasting numerous titles and European cups, so this guy is a proven serial winner. 

    Now, us? We look absolutely hopeless. 6-0 is our worst defeat in the PL era, 4-0 is the worst defeat since 1995. That's not progress. We have regressed even further. There's no shame in losing to City. Had we played decent "sarri-ball" but lost the game, that'd be fine and I'd be down with giving time with this experiment. Sarri has never won anything in his life, his CV is a far cry from Guardiola and "sarri-ball" at its peak, lost the title to Juventus by a comfortable fashion. Not to say, they choked the title away once they were in the driving seat, beating Juve away from home. Now, this isn't the manager I want to give time to. He has no credentials. You can't compare him to Klopp or Guardiola, they have credentials of being a top manager. 

    Let's also mention, Sarri-ball at its peak, was an abysmal failure in Europe, losing to City both times, losing out on KO to Shakhtar Donetsk. While teams like As Roma have achieved so much in Europe in the mean time. That's a fucking embarrassment track record. 

    Giving Sarri time to "build" a team, is like United waiting on Moyes to build a team. You are just simply wasting your time with mediocrity. 

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  9. Easily the worst manager we've had in a very long time. If we don't sack this virus, we will fall out of top 6 (even Wolves will overtake us), get smashed in the cup final, get knocked out of Europa quick and lose to United in FA cup, so changes need to be made ASAP. 

    Also, a classless manager. At least, with Mourinho, he was great at what he did. 

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  10. 2 minutes ago, El P. said:

    They sacked him in THIRD season, lol. What was Mourinho like in first season? Like Sarri here. They dealt with it. And after that they had great second season, only out-of-this-world City stopped them from winning the league.

    You can throw me all these examples of managers like Mourinho, Klopp or Pep being given time, but all these 3 managers have a big thing in common. They are successful and win trophies, and plus they are young. They are all proven at the highest level. 

    Sarri, on the other hand, is a very old manager, stubborn, has never won anything in his long life, managed only 3 years of top level football prior. He has no plan B in any of the games. His system is flawed and looking like it is ineffective in English football. He is playing our best 2 players in the team, out of position, on a regular basis, despite no benefit. He has already criticised the players in his 1st season and looks like the players aren't motivated anymore to play under him. Sarri even publicly said he can't motivate these players, Now having said all this, does this sound like a manager that can bounce back and be successful here? 

    I sometimes wonder what our board were thinking when they hired Sarri. A 60 year old, with ONLY 3 years of experience at the top level and never won trophies. This is just like the Scolari appointment all over again. It was clear as day that we needed rebuilding after Conte, so we needed a YOUNG experienced manager to take over from us, like Klopp, Pep, Emery, etc.  

  11. 50 minutes ago, NikkiCFC said:

    Too soon for Sarri out. We are similar in terms of results to City in Pep first season. (they lost 4:0 to Everton also).

    After all Sarri himself said goal for this season is TOP4 and to win something.

    We are one game away from trophy, plus biggest favorites to win EL (by bookmakers), we can win FA CUP as well...

    About TOP4... It's going to be difficult but lets win on Saturday and Utd and Arsenal will most likely lose points this weekend and everything is better immediately.

    People here want drastic changes but I don't think we have squad to change a lot.

    Too soon for Sarri Out? Nah man. The later we sack him, the more damage is done to our club and our chances of top 4 and winning cups will be damaged, if he isn't sacked in time. 

    Just look at United, they sacked Mourinho, now they are making progress and are likely to make top 4. Could you imagine if they hadn't sacked Mourinho? They would've probably be on the same level as Wolves, Watford, Everton in the league. In fact, United sacked Mourinho much later than they should have. Had they sacked Mourinho near the beginning, United would've been top 3 comfortably. 

    Sarri has never won anything in his life and has only 3 years of experience at the top level. What makes anyone think he can win us all these cups? If we get another manager in, our chances drastically increase.

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