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  1. 4 minutes ago, NikkiCFC said:

    I am for Arsenal here. 

    Look at this way. Arsenal win, we are just 5 points behind. We win against them in 2 weeks we are just 2 points behind. Plus win against Liverpool tomorrow. What a momentum that would be for us. Everything can change in 2 weeks. 

    I love your optimism haha

  2. 3 minutes ago, Vesper said:

    Fuck you 

    Get the fuck off our board



    Shame he can't reciprocate that dignity that their club apparently has 😂

    Coming on here basically demanding more money as if he's a representative of their club.  Bellend. 

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  3. What if...

    Chelsea have leaked the Lukaku story to instill fear in Dortmund that we're ready to walk away from our negotiations and they will have to settle for half of what they could've had, thus forcing their hand to accept. 🤔

  4. 24 minutes ago, Syltherin said:


    if we compare all new CB signing from the top club,,we can see Kounde and White have the best prospect to shine this season...


    Interesting to see his aerial duels won compared to the others, especially with the current concern about his height.

  5. Just now, Jas said:

    Just saw that. Where did that come from?

    Looks like people have narrowed it down to be 3 or 4 players based on the info the press have given. He trended on Twitter 2 days ago for this exact reason, most people palmed it off as bull but now this has broke it's pretty much confirmed it. His wife's also deleted her Instagram. 

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