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  1. Yes i'll be supporting for Chelsea. Seeing how you just bought my favorite player. Been watching all his games with Lille for 2 years now and now i'll do the same with Chelsea. Don't really have a club i support. I've been neutral. Just cheering for Belgian players in foreign leagues.
  2. Let's compare Sessegnon's career to Hazard's shall we. Sessegnon made his debut for US Créteil( a Ligue 2 team) at the age of 20. Sessegnon left 2 years later to go to Le Mans UC (a ligue 1 mid table team) 22 at that time. Stayed there for 2 years then left to go to Paris Saint Germain (a ligue 1 top team). 24 y old. Stayed there for 2,5 years then left to go to Sunderland. 26 y old. So far he has played 1,5 years for Sunderland. 27y old soon to be 28. Hazard made his debut for Lille (a subtop Ligue 1 club) at the age of 16. In the 2008-2009 season he was made a starter for Lille (17y old at
  3. He's watching the France game vs Servia. He said " The French team impresses me"
  4. I think so. He's very popular in France and Belgium. So I can see a lot of people supporting Chelsea because of Eden Hazard. Not forgetting also that Debruyne, Lukaku and Courtois are also at this club. So that makes Chelsea a very popular club in Belgium.
  5. BS article. Belgian and French media are reporting a wage of £110 000. No offense but when it comes to credibillity i''m gonna go with the Belgian and the French over the English tabloids.
  6. Thanks Sheva but it's still too big.
  7. thanks edit: "This image is larger than the maximum allowed dimensions of 500 x 250." Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...
  8. Brilliant, could i use this as my sig please?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhfoHhO8X-Y He's been working on his shot this season and has also developed his freekick taking. He can kick it like the one i just showed or if it's a bit closer to goal he places the shot.
  10. ? I know £32 is a lot of money but your paying for both the player that he is today as the potentially worldclass player he could become (given the right support). He's already a very good player but he's still only 21 and he still has stuff to learn.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6q4FAHhQkk Nice comp of his game against Montpellier the Champions of Ligue 1. Shows some of his dribbling skills and pace. Also shows that he's used to being pushed, shoved and hard tackles. This is a comp of all his actions so you 'll see him lose the ball sometimes too. Enjoy ! edit : If your wondering at 4:17 why there was so much commotion. That guy who tripped Eden up was already on a yellow card and should have gotten his second yellow but didn't.
  12. Agree with all of it but the mohawk thing was because he lost a bet with his teammate De Melo (he lost in a volleying competition) and the loser had to get a mohawk.
  13. LMAO at united fans. Saying Kagawa is the better deal because he scored more goals yet they seem to forget that of the 85 goals he scored, 55 he made in the second division of Japan + the fact that eden is 2 years younger.
  14. He's not. He played 106 ligue 1 games in a row without injury or ban despite being the most fouled player in all of europe.
  15. unproven? Made his debut at 16, was a starter at 17 and in the 4 years that he was a starter for Lille he won most talented player of the year twice in a row and won player of the year twice in a row aswell.(youngest player to win player of the year) He won the double with Lille (was over 50 years since they had won anything) and this season he carried Lille on his own to a third spot and CL. Name me a 21 y old thats more proven then Eden.
  16. Never really understood the "retiring jerseys" deal. Isn't it better if the great players that wore those numbers pass on their legacy through it ?
  17. He's very versatile. He played most of his career on the left wing but this last season he's been playing more as a nr 10 behind the striker and he has excelled at it.(scoring 20 goals and 15 assists) He occasionally played on the right wing but his best position (and preferred position) is behind the striker or on the left wing. 1 thing you should know is that he loves to drift to interchange positions with other wingers. I would compare his style of play to Mata's or Silva's but he's a more explosive type then them.
  18. Sorry to disappoint you but he doesn't know a lot of English. So if he gives an interview it will be in French.
  19. Don't worry i followed Eden for 2 years now. The image that was formed of him during these last months by the English media is completely wrong. It's also very easy to put all these quotes on paper without any sort of context. for example : the quote about Spain. He was at a Belgian sport show and they were talking about his playing style and asked him if he wasn't more suited to play in spain. To this he answered " Spain probably does suit my playing style more but the only teams to fight for prizes are Real Madrid or Barcelona and at my age it's very hard to get into the first team there."
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