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  1. 42 minutes ago, Vincent said:

    Well, you finally figured it out. The board buys players who are ready for retirement, ready to leave to China but in stead they join Chelsea. Because the board relies on Hazard, him leaving makes it clear that something structural needs to change. Chelsea is shit with Hazard and without Hazard it is diarrhea. And its often when people have diarrhea they start to take action. 

    Next time say that then and not "Hazard isn't a player you can rely on". 

  2. 38 minutes ago, BlueLyon said:

    I realy want him to stay if that is possible, but if he decided to leave, he has to go. 

    We dont need a player that doesnt want to be here anymore. Would ruin our season, his legacy here and he leaves on free next summer.

    A no deal just isn't an option. It would be worst case scenerio for everyone involved. 

    Real don't get their much needed quality injection. Hazard doesn't get his dream move and we'd end up with an unhappy Hazard for a year, at the end of which he'd stil go but leave us  with no money whatsoever to replace him with. 


  3. 1 hour ago, Vincent said:

    Thanks for your objective response, my Belgian friend who has Hazard labeled as his favourite player. We also ended 5th and 10th with him, we are currently playing Europa League football. Even if we win it, it's just a consolation prize with shit prize money.

    My response was objective. I stated 3 facts. Hazard has got the most goal contributions in the PL this season, Hazard has been directly involved in 49 % of our goals and Hazard has been a key player in our last 2 PL titles.

    There's nothing to dispute there which is probably the reason why you decided to go with cheap sarcastic digs instead of actually trying to dispute them. 


    How is it Hazard's fault that the quality of the squad has been declining over the past years because the board continues to spend money on shit players like Drinkwater and Bakayoko ?

    Yes and next season we'll be back in the CL again. Hazard played a major part in that. You do realize that right? 

    16 goals and 15 assists in a team where all our attacking players ,apart from him, struggled to deliver any end product.

    I mean 31 goal contributions with the closest player having 9 yet he's the one we can't rely on ? :lol:


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  4. 1 minute ago, Vincent said:

    Not really sad about him leaving to be honest. I feel like its the kind of player we all rely on but basically cannot rely on. 

    So let me get this straight; the guy with the most goal contributions in the PL this season 16 goals 15 assists, directly involved in 49 % of our goals. Key player in our last 2 PL titles can't be relied on ? 

    I swear the shit you read on this forum. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Hamilton said:

    Since when we are having problems with ffp?

    We're a club that has to stay close to break even net spend wise. 

    This season we've spent 80 million on Kepa, 57 milion on Jorginho and 64 million on Pulisic. 

    Only player we sold was Courtois for 35 million. We need to bring money in this summer. 

  6. 52 minutes ago, Vesper said:

    Whenever a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin.

    Season 1, Episode 6, you knew after that she was going to snap at the end of the day.



    There was foreshadowing of this yes but what i'm saying is that the "leap" was too big. In the beginning of season 8 she was still trying to save people.

    She was still very much a good person (with yes a bit of an edge at times and overly tendency to want people to bend the knee) up until season 8 ep 5.  Then ep 5 hits and she goes full psycho killing women, children and essentally becoming the biggest villain in this story.

    If they went this route i wish they would have more gradually shown her slipping into that crazy targaryen persona. Now it just feels incredibly rushed (as the entire season 8 feels to me).

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  7. 6 hours ago, Magic Lamps said:

    I think there always has been an effort to build her character arc like that. She always had a few random mmoments of cruelty and recklessness in her in her Essos exploits. But this was always in moments where she was under pressure. This is why i think it is completely OTT for her to burn a city and endanger her armies after the battle is already won even though she lost her only two friends. Real shame she was my favourite character. Beautiful, strong, solid morals but no blind idealist, honorable idiot like Jon, Robb, Ned, doing what is necessary still having loads of class and superpowers such as riding dragons and immunity to fire. I don't buy Jon/Aegon being a better king. He is weaker then her, a poor strategist and tatcitican, always goes headless chicken in battles and is basically the same character as Robb or Ned Stark who unlike him paid the price for their bad leadership. The only difference is plot armor. Sansa would be a sensible alternative but she is a Stark and a stark would never rule in the south.

    Yeah there were moments of cruelty but i could always understand why she did what she did. There was always some reasoning behind it. Like burning the Tarlys. I had no problem with it because she gave them a choice.

    But burning women, children and soldiers that had surrendered like why ? 

    She had won, the city was hers why then destroy it all and kill everyone. It doesn't make any sense. 

  8. 23 minutes ago, LAM09 said:

    Certainly is, as I'm still here whilst that individual is at Liverpool. 



    What do you know!


    Nice attempt, though.




    You seriously expect people to believe that it's just a coincidence that you joined this forum the exact day Salah was anounced ? I could have believed you if it was some time before or after he was anounced  but the exact day ?

    You really are full of shit :D

  9. 11 minutes ago, LAM09 said:

    I was merely pointing out where your loyalties lie. No convincing fanboys.

    On that note, how are the Real forums?

    Funny you should mention fanboys. 


    January 23, 2014

    "On 23 January 2014, Chelsea announced that a deal had been agreed with Basel to bring Salah to London for a fee reported to be in the region of £11 million."

    You're Egyptian right ? Joining the forum the same time as a fellow Egyptian joins the team isn't that an interesting "coincidence". ^_^

    Should i ask how the Liverpool forums are ?

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  10. 5 minutes ago, LAM09 said:

    The moment you needed to result to insults, the discuss was over.

    Says enough about your intellect or lack of. emoji1360.png

    Oh stop. If you wanted to have a proper discussion you wouldn't have started it with this "I'll take the start of your username and look no further."

    Did you really think i'd just ignore that and not respond to it. Stop playing the victim.

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  11. Just now, LAM09 said:



    I'll take the start of your username and look no further.

    La Liga has been devoid of any competition for the majority of the season.

    Salah & Mane won the Golden boot playing as wingers, Salah is one goal involvement off Hazard and was missing for 2 months~. Do you want me to go on?

    Any "Chelsea fan" that watches the team on a regular basis know Hazard's flaws and have echoed them above. Is it a coincidence he's never been in the bracket for the Ballon d'Or or are those glasses covered?


    You can take the start of my username and go shove it up your ass if you like.

    You said "similar stats aren't going to cut it in la liga" Now suddenly it's "well La liga has been devoid of competition" So clearly that's BS.

    Also is the PL devoid of competition aswell ? as Hazard has the most goal contributions then anyone else in the PL.

    Congratz to them. They both still have less goal contributions then "inconsistent" Hazard. 

    Mo Salah 37 appearances 1 sub 3262 minutes.

    Eden hazard  32 appearance 5 sub 2926 minutes.

    So Salah played 300 more minutes then Hazard in the PL. 

    "Do you want me to go on?" Please do smartass because you're full of shit. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, LAM09 said:

    Similar stats won't cut it in La Liga. Not to mention turning up on a regular basis too.  




    <_< Similar stats (16 G, 15 A) would put Hazard in second place in overall goal contributions(G+A) in La liga, only behind Messi.

    Also on the inconsistency talk, if Hazard is so inconsistent what exactly does that make all the other attacking players in the PL then ?

    Are the likes of Salah, Mané, Sterling, Silva, Aguero, ... so shit that an inconsistent Hazard, that apparently regularly doesn't show up, still manages to be directly involved in more goals then all of them ? 

    That's so weird because i remember some people on here talking about how amazing all these other players were. How much better they were then Hazard yet they can't seem to beat an inconsistent Eden Hazard in goal contributions over an entire PL season ?

     Kinda strange no ? It almost seems like Hazard actually is a consistent performer. 

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  13. 10 minutes ago, Jason said:

    Yup. Wonder where they got the quotes from as quotes from his interviews are embargoed. 

    No idea. I'm skeptical tbh but the twitter account it came from does seem to be a legit chelsea fan account with a decent amount of followers so it would be kinda weird if he made it all up. 

    Ah well we'll see in a little while. :dunno:

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  14. 6 minutes ago, Jason said:

    Have seen some revealing quotes...but not sure how real they are. 1 more hour...

    You mean this :


    Eden Hazard - "I have made my decision. I'm still waiting like you are waiting and like the fans are waiting." (1/4)

    Eden when asked if he'd have liked his future to be cleared up earlier - "Yes I wanted that, but that's not happened. I've told the club a couple of weeks ago." (2/4)

    Eden when asked if Chelsea getting a top four spot made any difference to his decision - "No, I don't think so. I have made my decision, that's it I'm still waiting." (3/4)

    Eden Hazard - "We have a final to play and then I will see. I have made my decision but it is not just about me." (4/4)

    Source: https://twitter.com/TweetChelseaUK/status/1127647107437953024?s=19

  15. 44 minutes ago, Jason said:

    Think we all can tell by now that Hazard will very, very likely be leaving the club this summer and it's kinda annoying that he hasn't made his intentions clear publicly and instead, is taking us on this 'will he, won't he?' "tour". Wonder what's going to come out from his latest talk with the press...



    41 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

    He shouldn't be saying anything on his future, we still have EL final to play....or is this more Belgian runaway gob shiting?


    Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. 

    If he doesn't say it then he's toying with people and "taking us on a tour"

    If he does say it  then "he shouldn't have as there's still a EL final to play"

  16. 6 hours ago, Robchels said:

    I honestly think his potential absence is greatly exaggerated. Folks are thinking of what we have now, but a reminder that he is our top earner. These type of wages can attract excellent players to our club.


    He isn't, both Kante and Higuain make more. 290k per week  and 270k per week. Hazard makes 200k a week.


  17. 1 hour ago, manpe said:

    1. Dragons would have probably been the best bet to burn the corpses, yeah. But as the writers at the end of the episode explained, their whole plan was fucked the moment Dany got on her dragon too soon, so from there on they were all pretty much improvising. Maybe they had a plan, but couldn't execute it anymore. I don't know exactly what their plan was tbh, but their goal was to lure out the Night King somehow. Another thing is that other people were put into the crypt with a bunch of dead bodies lol... but I give them the benefit of doubt, they probably didn't know that people who died earlier or weren't close to Night King could be resurrected.

    5. Yeah I don't know where the dragons were. One of them was fighting off zombies from itself, the other I don't know or don't remember what happened. Did it die? But without Dany and Jon guiding them, they were probably confused, tired and scared themselves and didn't know what to do. So once Drogon fended off the zombies and gathered its composure it came back looking for Dany. Werewolf I remember only in the beginning for a few seconds, I don't remember seeing it later. It would die quickly anyway in a fight with zombies, don't think it survived long (or was scared shitless and fled south lol).

    The dire wolf is alive. There's a shot of him in the preview for ep 4. 



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  18. 1 minute ago, Fernando said:

    There was a reason why Sarri picked Alonso over Emerson. But we slaughter him and after seeing how Emerson is, Alonso is much better to have then Emerson purely because of his goal threat. 

    What goal threat ? Alonso has 1 goal in 28 appearances.

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