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  1. indeed... and a really good timed pass by Kai, which would've been an assist.
  2. Gnabry made it impossible for germany to attempt a comeback. Similar to Sane last match: horror show.
  3. wow Kai was the best attacking player for germany by far. Werner is a funny one for sure: curse him when he plays and miss him when he doesn't (Gnabry killed Germany when he came on).
  4. I disagree.that's a fantastic signing for Chelsea.
  5. fair enough. Point remains that Pulisic aint better at that. While he may not have the same deficiency, he has others. Pulisic lack of power makes him an easier target against low blocks imo.
  6. Last season Pulisic was able to provide amazing performances, but not so after his injury. For me pulisic and Werner are somewhat similar, but Werner has a lot more power. He does not go to the ground that easily and can work in tighter spaces. Actually think Werner is better against low blocks because of that. One way Pulisic can give himself a chance is by scoring, like he did last season. Against high defense lines, playing both would work just fine, like we did against RM.
  7. Yes absolutely, but then we go into quality too. For me, and I will be very much alone here, Eden was never good enough to have a big team playing for him. I mean, it worked in certain occasions, esp long championships like the PL, but CL where you have single-elimination games, you need all cylinders firing at all times or you go home, and Eden could never provide that: you play like you train (with same intensity or the lack thereof). Point being is that if you have messi in your roster, it does make sense to make the team play for him, and he will even provide work rate (that's how goo
  8. sure, but my point was that had Eden been more disciplined and focused, there wouldn't be a reason for him not to fit in any strategy or approach. He'd also be a much better players as result.
  9. No, it wasn’t. Eden calls himself laidback, and it is known he is even more so in training. That’s not what gets you silverware.
  10. You know when you are watching a fantastic movie and it’s approaching the end, and you start to wonder when you are going to see something like this again… that’s how I feel about kante. There was a long article on globoesporte brazil on kante this week. Fantastic player and human being! I’ve always said I’m no fan of footballers, but I guess I am a kante fan.
  11. Watch the goal again and pay attention to Werner. there is no goal without that run. That’s what he does all the fucking time. yes he needs to get better at finishing and that’s coachable esp because like @Vesper suggested, he only really needs to score half the chances he creates to become a top striker.
  12. Brilliant player! Has everything needed in the modern game. Plus scores and assists
  13. Could t agree more. we did need a massive performance from multiple players and we got that.
  14. brilliant! We’ve got a very special player here
  15. Shout out to andreas amazing composure in the final minutes!!!
  16. One could say that the win again bayern was a found one. Not this one tho! This was well deserved and city did not do enough to win this match. fantastic win with a group of young attacking players who will only get better. Amazing stuff!!!
  17. We’ve been the better side. Intensity is there. Passing is good too. Just need to keep it up. werner is playing well aside from his atrocious finishing if one can say that.
  18. So is David Luiz. Come on, he hardly played in any of the PL title runs...
  19. every time I hear folks calling Jorginho "shit" I think to myself, what does it make Bakayoko? Honestly, he's unplayable at Chelsea. literally any academy player can do a better job than him. Mikel was the worst midfielder I've seen play for Chelsea (yes, Drinkwater had more range), well that until bakayoko came along.
  20. Would be a grave mistake if we brought him back now. It makes no sense with the kind of investment we are currently making: abundance of promising younger players who need to develop. We are also going for a high intensity game, which really does not fit Eden's style. He was already a bit overrated at his prime, nowadays, with his poor work rate and injury proneness... stay clear.
  21. Maybe (def hasn’t been as good of late IMO) but OK won’t cut it for the final. we will need our best starting xi and a massive performance by at least a couple of players. suppose Chelsea won’t share any info on fitness until an hour before kickoff.
  22. He looked ok when moving about after being subbed, but it’s difficult to say. hopefully just a knock.
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