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  1. In a case of great irony, that match initiated the downfall of Lampard and replacing him with Tuchel. Best decision made by Chelsea in years. Imagine if we won that match, they sacked Arteta and got Tuchel... So thanks Arsenal, lol
  2. Haha, I was so angry in the 91 minute, cos we were clearly better than this fuckers, clearly deserve to win and they scored a lucky goal And then came the one and only.... MARCOS ALONSO!!!
  3. Happy 27th Birthday I just realized he speaks fluent and accent free German.
  4. The major factor was the fact that Covid has hit football hard economically, while Chelsea has money saved because of the transfer ban. I love Lamps too, but don’t act like he was that much influential. Lampard wanted to get Kante for Declan Rice. This is why English managers will never prosper.
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