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  1. Great games from the bench? Thought he was only so-so in those games and if you measure the other games against tonight, then those other games weren’t great at all. Forgot about Liverpool and Villa last season.
  2. IMO, today was the first good game Pulisic has had off the bench this season. Last season there were the Ajax and Newcastle games. But otherwise, he started most of the games whenever he was fit. Giroud has also been used to waste time as a sub under Tuchel and the same can probably be said of Emerson. Tuchel knowing Pulisic can make an impact off the bench is probably not going to help his starting cause in certain games, I think, especially if the others aren't going to have that sub impact.
  3. So, he's like the more efficient version of Willian? lol
  4. You mean tonight or overall? In any case, I agree with the notion. It's just of course, having gotten himself into positions to score goals, the misses have been frustrating to watch. He could easily have scored 25 goals by now! The problem is, you have people only focusing on the numbers. Sure we and he want to score more goals but it should be obvious by now that he also brings more to the team than just goals. He would be great for us if he can just sort out the finishing problem. Also, notice how quiet this thread gets when he does well but when he misses a chance, it's
  5. The whole thing with Havertz v Werner was more down to the finishing of the latter more than anything else, I think, but turned out he wasn't the problem tonight! We know what Werner offers to the team in terms of his pace and movement and there is a reason why Tuchel has consistently selected him, especially in the big games. Have seen people said Pulisic can also do the same things which is funny when they are different players. Sure, Pulisic can make runs in behind and all that but he's still someone who prefers the ball to his feet and dribble past players while Werner is someone more comf
  6. I just don't get it. Wasn't tonight perfect in terms of the selection or what we want to see in general? The starting XI that Tuchel put out did the job and were brilliant and the subs who came on - specifically Pulisic - also did the same and had an impact. And the lack of sub impact last week in Madrid was probably also a reason why Tuchel went with the starting XI that he did.
  7. We have also not lost to Real Madrid.
  8. TBF, Kante did seem to have become injury prone back then. Was constantly getting injuries, minor or major. Tuchel using him more wisely has helped as well. And on the bigger picture, we really need to sign a backup or a successor to Kante. He's not getting any younger and we don't have any other DM in the team apart from him!
  9. I wasn't aware of that stat but am sure everyone was more confident of Havertz's finishing than Werner's going into the game. Was that not why people wanted him to start over Werner?
  10. After 86254835468765753453 minutes, he's finally our (joint) top scorer... Should have had 1 more goal and 2 assists tonight!
  11. People talking as if Tuchel got his selection wrong to begin with. lol
  12. Jas

    Eden Hazard

    I know Hazard is not at 100% right now but that performance feels like what we saw from him when he was here in the Champions League. Could do it domestically but not in the biggest games in Europe.
  13. Does anyone still think we need a new goalkeeper?
  14. Fans were really needed in the Atletico and Real home games. There would have been earthquakes!
  15. I wonder if Guardiola will try to be a tad more pragmatic in the final. Can't imagine him leaving City getting exposed so much on the break. And with us facing them this weekend, this could turn into some sort of chess match between Guardiola and Tuchel, in the bigger picture.
  16. This will go down well in Madrid... Also worth noting that we have reached the CL final before Courtois or Hazard...
  17. Think the plan was always to play on the break. We had chances to score throughout the 90 minutes. First half, it was down to the piss poor final ball. Second half, it was the piss poor finishing. In any case, both Werner and Pulisic played their part excellently when they were on the field.
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