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  1. Arteta seemed to have a clear tactical plan last season, even if it's not the prettiest. But this season? God knows what he's trying to do. Can't tell if he's trying to make Arsenal a possession based team, a counter attacking side, a mixture of both or something else.
  2. Would be surprised if Sarri can fix this mess, especially with the current state of their board.
  3. Did he? At any other big club, if they sign a player for that kind of money, there would have been expectations, there would have been pressure for that player to lead the club to better things etc but no one in the media seems to talk about that. Arteta has gotten a free pass for the signings he's made. I mean, wanting a past-it Willian? Wanting a soon-to-be-past-it Aubameyang to stay?
  4. Isn't that just due to low expectations at Arsenal? They signed Pepe for a club record fee of 70+ million and no one seems to talk about him failing to live up to expectations etc. Compare that with the spotlight that Werner, Havertz etc seem to have gotten here.
  5. Don't think Arsenal will qualify for Europe next season at all, which will be the first time in ages??
  6. Unai Emery is just so inevitable in the Europa League. lol But Man United v Villarreal is so much worse than Man United v Arsenal.
  7. I'd take the 'wait-and-see' approach with this. It just feels like it came out of nowhere. Can't imagine us trying to buy both Sancho AND Haaland from Dortmund in the same window.
  8. Is there any other source beside Bild that reported our alleged interest in Sancho? Let's say IF we buy Sancho (with maybe CHO going to Dortmund) and Haaland, then how are we gonna manage the game time between Mount, Werner, Havertz, Pulisic, Ziyech, Sancho and Haaland, especially if we are gonna stick with the back 3? That's a lot of high profile players that would want to play week in week out.
  9. I don't know who to believe when it comes to the signings of Havertz, Werner, Ziyech etc. On one hand, you have sources saying they are his signings. On the other hand, you have sources saying they are the club's signings. But either way, I remember all 3 - if not at least 2 of them - mentioned Lampard as a big reason why they decided to join us. Eh? Lampard was clearly a fan of Kante considering how desperate he was to use him whenever he's available. And just because he wanted Rice, it doesn't mean he was gonna ditch Kante. In any case though, we are gonna need a replacement fo
  10. Such stat can be deceiving.
  11. Inclined to agree. Sarri was asked about the loanees towards the end of his season and he was interested in 2-3 players but didn't specify who. https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-soccer-england-che-transfers-idUKKCN1SE1FR
  12. Mendy has already got 24 in 41 games now.
  13. Jas

    Eden Hazard

    The Spanish press really going in on Hazard, almost making him the scapegoat...
  14. You could argue that it's Pulisic or Havertz as well. At West Ham recently, the front 3 was Pulisic, Werner and Mount and then at Madrid, it was a front 2 of Pulisic and Werner. And the debate going into yesterday's second leg was either Havertz or Werner rather than Werner or Pulisic.
  15. Just going back to this, not sure why are people making it Pulisic v Werner when they don't really play the same position of late. Tuchel has been using Werner more as a ST recently and it was only last week that Pulisic was starting games regularly and some of them with Werner in the starting XI too.
  16. Jas

    Eden Hazard

    Who knows? Things could have gone differently for Lampard had he had Hazard available at his disposal but we sold him at the right time and if we hadn't sold him, we wouldn't have been able to buy the likes of Havertz, Werner, Ziyech, Mendy, Chilwell etc.
  17. He has already been banned. Don't need to get angry.
  18. Jas

    Eden Hazard

    Don’t think he’ll come cheap for any club, despite his form.
  19. I mean, they aren’t exactly the same type of players but Willian has all that ability on the ball but doesn’t score enough or create enough chances from open play to get assists while Werner has his flaws with the ball but is somehow racking up decent numbers, with the assists at least.
  20. Jas

    Eden Hazard

    Firstly, pretty sure that’s BS and secondly, everything is so dramatic and ridiculous when it comes to Real Madrid.
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