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  1. A 5th place finish might not even be a guaranteed one with Newcastle doing reasonably well at the moment.
  2. Benfica, us and Real Madrid are the only 3 sides to have scored first in every Champions League game this season. The worst part in that is we have failed to win any of our away games. Drew at Valencia & Genk and then capitulated against Leverkusen and Napoli. This simply can't go on any further!
  3. It's not just beating Arsenal away, we just really have to win the last 8 PL games to stand a chance!
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzIjO-oj7vA&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  5. Doubt this is gonna happen but I would actually like to see us playing a back 5 of Englishmen, even if it's just for one game. Turnbull Hutchinson - Cahill - Terry - Cole/Bertrand
  6. On current form, I don't even think we can pick more than 2 points from those games! We have only won 1 of our last 8 PL away games and trips to Arsenal & Liverpool are already generally tough. Craven Cottage is always a tricky place to go and Villa Park is our bogey ground, no guarantee we'll win there despite how rubbish Villa are under Alex McLeish.
  7. RDM's mighty plan - beat Benfica with only 10 men!
  8. As fans seem to have suggested, Cahill for future Chelsea captain?
  9. Even at 38, Del Piero is still class.
  10. I'm sorry but with all the recent disappoinments, there's just really nothing to look forward to with excitement IMO except maybe for the FA Cup. Other than that, I'm already looking forward to see what we do in the summer.
  11. True but if a good offer comes in for him from us or even another English club, I wouldn't bet against him returning to England.
  12. Not exactly feeling excited about this game. Hmmm...
  13. Just something on Rossi, this is not exactly a big deal but might exactly be tiny bit of a problem should we go get him. http://stretfordenders.net/guiseppe-rossis-agent-highlights-man-utds-transfer-clause/
  14. There's a cheaper option in Giuseppe Rossi and one we should get. Clinical finisher and certainly a very good player.
  15. Caveman obviously thought buying British talents would still work for him like last time.
  16. Being rated as one of the best talents is one thing but to be able fulfill it is another and he hasn't. Still inconsistent and needs to perform well over a period of time. And as I said, he's similar to Sturridge and not what we really need right now. We desperately need a proper winger!
  17. Not when there are better options out there to get first.
  18. Still not convinced. Needs to do it over a period of time. Can't make the same mistake again of buying a player just because of one or half good season or tournament with a team.
  19. What is it with people that whenever a somewhat talented player or a good player scored a good goal against another team, they all go "Let's sign him up!"?!! IMO, he's similar to Sturridge. Always looking to cut onto his left foot and is selfish. Adding to that, he's inconsistent, always blowing hot and cold. So, for me, it's a NO-NO!
  20. Jas

    Sam Hutchinson

    Thanks. Hope he can make it. The lad is talented and has the potential.
  21. Jas

    Sam Hutchinson

    Erm, anyone know how is Sam's progress so far in his return? Is he capable to play for us anytime soon??
  22. Europa League. Otherwise, everyone would here would not be feeling dejected about missing out on CL yet.
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