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  1. 1 hour ago, ZAPHOD2319 said:

    From the link


                     De gea
    Williams Tuanzebe Bailly Telles
                 Matic VdB
            Amad Mata Elanga

    LOL That actually turned out to be true...

  2. 14 minutes ago, Mana said:

    I don't know why you are bringing up Bournemouth's conceded goal numbers...especially when Lampard's isn't any better. In fact, it is an extreme embarrassment to have a Chelsea squad that he had, to concede 54 goals in one season. That number is not even counting the CL, EFL and FA Cup goals we also conceded.

    I brought up their goals conceded stat because you mentioned Howe's attacking football style, which was non-existent. As I said, there's no point in a team playing pretty football if they keep conceding goals. It's also like with Lampard, who tried to make us play attacking football but had no care for defensive solidity. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, Tomo said:

    Yes Lampard wasn't equipped tactically to enjoy the fruits of his labour and yes looking back there's an argument for saying we maybe should have been ruthless last summer (although then we'd have likely been stuck with the overrated Pochettino over Tuchel) but the appointment at the time was the right decision.

    Sacking Lampard last summer would have been harsh, I think, and had we done so, the signings might have turned out to be different signings. 

  4. 20 minutes ago, Mana said:

    Howe had a complete downfall but that's only if you looked at it at face value. That Bournemouth squad has overachieved massively. Most of their squad was playing League 1 football not too long ago. His star signings during the PL were the injury-prove Jack Wilshere on a free and Ake (who then moved to City later). Mings that has been crucial back in their defence was only on loan to them. 

    But what I do think Howe made a huge mistake though, is that one summer spending £80m on players and ended up 14th. Spent it like a little boy in a candy shop and had no clue what to do then. It's a shame he didn't have any help.

    Howe did not have any help? He was basically the Sir Alex Ferguson, the Arsene Wenger of Bournemouth because of what he achieved with them. He made the calls on the signings and a lot of them were not great. That's on him.

    23 minutes ago, Mana said:

    Say what you want about me downplaying Lampard, but you are also downplaying what Howe achieved at Bournemouth which was 100x better than what Lampard EVER did.

    Did I downplay what Howe achieved at Bournemouth? All I basically questioned is his playing style. His attacking football is a myth and there's no point in playing nice attacking football if the team are conceding goals at an alarming rate. Bournemouth conceded at least 60 goals in each of their Premier League season. He was able to spend more than the likes of Sean Dyche and only managed a Top 10 finish once. And not to mention, Dyche even got Burnley finish in one of the Europa League places not too long ago.

    And no one said what Lampard did at Derby is better than what Howe did at Bournemouth. The point was Lampard at least maintained the same finish as his predecessor at Derby, considering they went into freefall after he left. 

  5. 29 minutes ago, Jap Si. said:

    He had one of the best midfielders in the country with Mount and he is having a center bac who is now with AC Milan that might have helped.

    They weren't that at that point of time and it's not like Phillip Cocu didn't have the chance to bring in his own players.

  6. 7 hours ago, Mana said:

    We could have chosen better rookie managers like Eddie Howe instead of Lampard because at least Howe has shown he can play attacking football and has more coaching years under his belt. There was ZERO major reasons to pick Lampard at the time. Zero. He lost the Championship play-off final, took Derby from 6th to 6th and only had one season under his belt.

    You can point to "he has coached the youths there to take them to the play-off final" but it's one season. Could be a one season wonder. A fluke. And even people forgot Derby got that 6th place by the skins of their teeth.

    No other top club would touch Lampard then and even now. We took him because of he is a legend here. That's all. Same can be said with Arteta (to an extent) and Ole.

    Am surprised you have chosen to mention Eddie Howe (again) considering what happened with him at Bournemouth. Was Howe's attacking football really that great? Because for whatever good football they played, they always conceded A LOT of goals and were always in the bottom 5 for the most goals conceded in each Premier League season. Howe and Bournemouth only turned into some sort of genius and peak AC Milan side whenever they played us.

    Also, it's funny how you keep on downplaying what Lampard did at Derby, considering they went into a freefall after his regime and only just survived relegation by the skin of their teeth at the weekend (could still go down due to issues off the pitch). One season or not, Lampard, at the very least, maintained a 6th place finish and got them into the play-off final. Sure, it did not work out for him and Derby in the final but he kept them up there at least.

  7. 8 hours ago, chippy said:

    Apologies for not putting my point over well enough.

    I was thinking about the hiring of any young, inexperienced manager at a top club, not just Frank at Chelsea.

    If a club is going hire such a manager, then, as I said before, they have to give that manager time to learn from their mistakes and failures and see if they can turn things around. If not, then no top club should ever hire young managers.

    We hired Lampard because it was a marriage of convenience. The fans were not happy after the whole thing with Sarri and the club were under a transfer ban and had to rely on the academy players to boost the squad. So, what better way to appease the fans by bringing back a club legend in Lampard as well as the former academy coach in Jody Morris? 

    Every manager makes mistakes, inexperienced or experienced. The biggest questions are how quickly they learn from them and can they fix them. In the 18 months that he was here, Lampard never showed that he was a quick learner and capable of solving those mistakes. In less than 4 months, Tuchel has been able to do that. He has been able to turn those weaknesses we saw under Lampard into strengths. And that is without a pre-season or much training time between matches considering we've been playing every 3-4 days.

    There's a reason why the big clubs have never hired a club legend or former player, one who is inexperienced as a manager as their manager until very recently. We know what happened with Lampard. Juventus took a gamble with Pirlo and it looks like they might sack him at the end of the season. Arsenal hired Arteta, who is not even a legend there, and they are getting worse but he could well stay on because of their lack of ambition. Not everyone will turn out to be a Guardiola. 

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  8. 3 hours ago, chippy said:

    The sacking of. Frank has proved once and for all there will never be a "project" under RA.

    Like every manager before him, TT will have to consistently win trophies, or be sacked.

    If TT wins the CL it will put enormous pressure on him to win the league or retain the CL next season. Anything less and hell be judged the same way Carlo was after his second season.

    Should give managers more time but we don't and won't, so we just have to get on with it.

    Yes, we still want to win trophies (and we haven't won anything yet) but given the profile of the current squad, there has to be progress and improvement. This isn't a ready made squad like 11-12 years ago.

    The problem with Lampard was that there was no progress made during his 18 months in charge. Yes, we had that long unbeaten run earlier this season but by the end of his reign, it became obvious that the problems we saw last season were still there. There was no clear playing style and tactical idea, the pressing was all over the place, the team kept conceding on the break, he didn't seem to have any idea how to use the new players effectively and among others. We were either good or hopelessly bad. There was no middle ground. And this after spending more than 200 million on players in the summer. 

    In less than 4 months, Tuchel has not only turned those weaknesses into strengths, he has also made progress with the team, collectively and individually. Plus, he has also made better use of the resources at hand. Yes, there are some deadwoods in the squad that we would likely sell (e.g. Emerson) but he has kept everyone on side and helped form what seemed to be tight-knit group among the players. Notice how the players seem to be mentioning the word "team" a lot these days. Obviously, the club will judge Tuchel on trophies but at the very least, he has put us on the right track again.

  9. 1 hour ago, Magic Lamps said:

    Prospect of the final being moved from Crapatürk to Wembley is growing more likely. Would be a wise move and great for the fans to witness this. Wembley is the best location for a final anyway. 

    UEFA are also exploring Portugal apparently.

  10. 24 minutes ago, OneMoSalah said:

    Hes a 50m player we have to start treating him like one unfortunately which I think at times people are forgetting. I tend to remember the slagging off Morata and Abraham used to get for being offside a lot on here. Morata still gets it from Juventus fans too and deservedly so because he has scored like 13 offside goals this season. Should we not be holding these sort of similar players to the same standards no? Instead of being impartial and ignoring it for one guy after others would be chastising others for the same? 

    The Spurs one though the point is, he’s still well positioned to look across the line.... which is why I mean its lazy, it would be the same for any CF/attacker.

    I think as well if some of these results had swung the other way also, there would be more concern and much more criticism. Ultimately he looks like he’s maybe turning the page but these things, being caught offside frequently, not looking across the line, you can accept it a few times but the top goalscoring players don’t get caught out far too often. The top PL top scorers, Kane, Salah, Son, Fernandes and Calvert-Lewin, have been offside 13, 13, 15, 3 and 17 times. 

    Yes Rashford and Vardy may have high offsides but ultimately they aren't sitting with 6 goals 8 assists in 2428 minutes. Both have 10+ goals (Vardy 13, Rashford 10) and 9 assists in the PL).

    I mean you do want him to score more right? Hows he going to score more if he perhaps can’t stay/get himself back onside or look across the line more often? Shouldn’t that not be an obvious problem for a CF if he is in the top 5 for offsides when he only has 6 league goals? 

    No one said he shouldn’t be timing his runs better but this is why I said that this didn’t become an issue until the last game or two. Were there any complaints before this? Don’t think any of his offsides before were as blatant as the ones at City.

    He has scored only 6 league goals because he has missed tons of chances, not because he has been caught offside. He has been caught offside for 20+ times but it hasn’t stopped him from missing 20+ big chances at the same time. As you alluded to with the other examples, had he been more clinical with the chances, no one would be talking about the offsides.

  11. 32 minutes ago, OneMoSalah said:

    Id still say even with 26 man squads its not going to be a cert or even a huge possibility unless he plays every week. Steve Clarke didn’t call him up after his wee run in the team with Lampard either last season so I doubt after 2 games v Fulham then City it will make him more liable to pick him. 

    Yeah but having 26 players now gives the manager a bit more room for backups or to manoeuvre. What's the harm in bringing Gilmour anyway? Are there any other genuine Scottish talent that would have missed had only 23 players been allowed?

  12. 17 minutes ago, ZAPHOD2319 said:

    Save Silva and Azpi for the FA final. Limit Mount and Kante’s minutes so they are fresh. Do whatever else, we have enough to rotate.

    If Christensen is out, then 1 of Silva or Azpi will play. 

  13. 54 minutes ago, OneMoSalah said:

    Its a bit of a mix maybe for some people but it has been reoccurring this season. Some of the ones v City and Madrid were painful though and thats why Ian Wright has maybe had his say. I suppose big games this late on in the season means more so maybe why it gets more attention also. There have been others undoubtedly of the same ilk due to a lack of awareness or laziness to not get onside. I do agree some teams play the offside system very well but some don’t, some just sit off us in a deep block.

    I get he was unlucky v Liverpool a while ago with one offside but theres got to be a point as well where you have to also think should he not be able to be smarter or see across the line more for some others no? Its as if he hasn’t learned from any of these moments... particularly v Real from Chilwell’s pass. That was criminal for me, hes quicker than all of their players there. One of the disallowed goals v City tbf hes no chance in making it back realistically having seen it again hes about 3 yards offside but there was another ball played to him where he’s so lazily just standing offside, like its frightening how he’s even thinking he isn’t offside there, the one where he rounds Ederson. Also against Spurs back in November, hes looking across the line, blatantly offside, scores yes but has to hold his run although the pass can come sooner but as it didn’t, its still lazy to get caught off when your looking right across the line, like you’d expect that in youth football... cant remember any more of the top of my head but inevitably there will be others and will do some further digging because 26 offsides cannot be purely down to bad luck, playing style or good offside traps.  

    I do get his playing style also maybe contributes at times or his role but other players who have similar roles in teams such as Son, Martial, Salah, Sterling, are all offside much less considerably than Werner is. So I wouldn’t disagree with what Ian Wright has said or say that its purely just down to his style, its down to a lot more than that.

    As I said I remember the stress and annoyance from Morata being offside far too often here, I dont see how its unfair or any different for Werner. Even more so considering how many teams bar the top ones, actually sit in against us and play a deep block. To have 26 offsides in the league when probably more than 50% of the games is against smaller teams who play in or around their own 18 yard box in a low block limiting space in behind is extremely annoying. 

    I agree that he should be timing his runs better given he has the pace to beat any defence but not sure why you felt the need to type a long reply by picking out a few offside moments. The one against Spurs was a close offside call, as opposed to being a blatant, well offside offence like some of the ones yesterday.

    Even if teams play with a high line against us, we would still expect Werner or any of our other attackers to time their runs. Otherwise, would you say Vardy is lazy considering he's always been up there on the offside list? Leicester also don't always play on the break apart from when they face the Big 6 under Brendan Rodgers. Or what about Rashford? He's just 1 behind Werner on the offside count. Or what's your explanation that Mane is also up there? 

    54 minutes ago, OneMoSalah said:

    will do some further digging because 26 offsides cannot be purely down to bad luck, playing style or good offside traps.  

    You're really committed into this, aren't you? lol We have gone from talking about his misses to him being offside!

    Not sure if there is any stat site out there that gives detailed info on offside. You might have to go look at individual matches instead.

    What I've managed to find is Werner's offside per 90 mins stat is less this season compared to previous seasons:

    2016/17 - 1.9
    2017/18 - 1.6
    2018/19 - 1.4
    2019/20 - 1.4
    2020/21 - 1

  14. 7 minutes ago, OneMoSalah said:

    Cmon Jason its not just been v City.

    He has been offside a lot, 26 times this season, 4th highest in the league, only behind Mane, Watkins and Vardy.

    Some of them are sheer laziness not looking across the line. 

    What I meant to say is, hasn't this only become a source of frustration after yesterday and the Madrid game for that one offside goal, if you want to include that? Maybe my memory has failed me but I don't recall people complaining about him being offside a lot until very recently.

    Otherwise, it's not that surprising to see him near the top of the list when you consider his playing style and especially two other similar players Mane and Vardy have been offside more. 

  15. 1 hour ago, OneMoSalah said:

    I would start him again against Arsenal tbf. If you can play how he did v City then he can certainly do it v Arsenal. 

    Could Gilmour make a late push for the Euro squad? 👀

  16. 1 hour ago, chippy said:

    Yes, his pace and movement is now consistently getting him into good, dangerous positions.

    Ian Wright unfairly said he was lazy for repeatedly being caught offside. I think its more a case of a lack of concentration because we know Timo is anything but lazy. These offsides must be driving TT nuts and i'm sure this is an area they'll work hard on next pre season. 

    Timo will never have the first touch of the worlds elite strikers, but he has enough qualities needed to provide us with a good amount of goals and assists.


    1 hour ago, OneMoSalah said:

    It is lazy to be caught offside continuously when you have his speed tbf. As it was for Morata. 

    He is improving against bigger teams though but the offside thing is frustrating as it cost us another goal v City as did Callum again afterwards also not seeing the line and adjusting his run with his pace. Particularly considering Dias and Laporte whilst arent slow aren’t exactly Usain Bolt. 

    Hasn't this only been a thing yesterday? Or perhaps the last 2 games against City? Given their good defensive record, City are hardly rubbish at playing the offside trap and while I agree Werner should be timing his runs better, tiredness could have played a part in him being offside yesterday.

    Am sure Tuchel would have a word with him and work on it before we face City again. If you want to look at the positive, at least it looks like he remembers how to finish chances again! Now just needs to time those runs better...

  17. 1 hour ago, chippy said:

    We need to accept the vaccine is protection against the virus, not a cure for it.

    Of course and I will take it when my time comes but what I meant to say is for vaccines (e.g. Pfizer, Moderna) that have an efficacy rate of 95%, there seems to be a tad too many people who get infected despite having been fully vaccinated. 

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