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  1. In the midst of us reaching the FA Cup final and Champions League semi finals, has anyone actually noticed that we've only won 3 of our last 8 league games? That's one less than when we won 4 in a row in Tuchel's first 5 league games.
  2. Do we really care about how other fans perceive us? It's become nothing but lazy views and tribalism when it comes to non-Chelsea talking about us. By this point, it's tiresome and not worth bothering at all. As for Roman, make no mistake that this ESL fiasco will always be a blot in his copybook but that aside, it's easy to just forget the good work that he's actually done for the club. No need for me to go through what he's done for the Men's first team and so that aside, Roman has invested and helped bring up the best youth academy in the country, invested and helped built the most dom
  3. We have been looking better lately? Defensively, we are generally still fine. Offensively, we are still inconsistent. One game we look good, the next we look crap. Look back at our last 7 games - Sheffield United, WBA, Porto, Palace, Porto, Man City, Brighton - and tell me if our performances were consistent across the board. Off season? Pre-season? Have people forgotten about Euro 2020 this summer? The Premier League next season will start 1 month after the end of the Euros and say if 2 teams that heavily feature our players - e.g. England and Germany - go all the way to the final,
  4. Inter, Atletico and Milan have all also pulled out. Only Juventus, Real and Barcelona left...
  5. About the in-game changes, yeah, I have no idea what Tuchel was trying to go for. The players were just randomly running around the pitch.
  6. Was the tactical decision really questionable? Selecting Mount in midfield was probably the only questionable one. Otherwise, the other selections were things that what people supposedly wanted - the front 3, Azpi being rested, same goes for Chilwell with Alonso coming in. Am inclined to think that the ESL fiasco affected the players but on the other hand, yesterday's performance was not really different to what we have seen in some other matches under Tuchel. And all this aside, am also not having this tiredness excuse that's being thrown out by Tuchel all of a sudden.
  7. Best pray that Stamford Bridge doesn't become a source of a COVID-19 outbreak...
  8. There's an apology but it also shows how out of touch these owners are...
  9. How much of it was Mount looking lost and how much of it was Mount looking tired? I thought Tuchel would taken the opportunity to give him a break yesterday but he didn't. It feels like we've reached the point again where Mount is suddenly being overplayed, because he's played all 10 games for club and country and started all but 1 of them in the last 4 1/2 weeks, accumulating up to 776 minutes out of 900.
  10. C'mon now, stop trying to give the club an excuse for such a pathetic statement. They had hours to come out with a decent statement and they couldn't even have the decency to acknowledge the mistake and apologize. Exactly. Compared to the owners of the other big clubs out there, Roman is generally better than most, if not all.
  11. Just saw the statement. It’s pathetic! Didn’t even acknowledge the mistake and didn’t even fucking apologize! And they only considered the matter fully after joining the ESL? Like WTF?!?!
  12. West Ham vs Chelsea PRE/POST-MATCH DISCUSSION, LIVE CHAT AND ANALYSIS 2020/21 Premier League Match 33 24th April, Saturday 2021 London Stadium 17:30 Kick Off (UK time)
  13. If they are taking ages with the statement, then they better explain why they made the decision in the first place and apologize for causing this bloody chaos!
  14. The hilarious thing now is the reformed Champions League is not any better than the Super League either. It still seeks to protect the interest of the big clubs.
  15. Do they though? A point would be decent for them and can then hope we will drop more points in our remaining games. The bigger winner of all this shit is probably Leicester, who face West Brom on Thursday. Somehow, all the teams below them dropped points!
  16. Never mind the fact that the Super League idea was trash to begin with. They can't even market it right. They announced the god damn thing close to midnight on Sunday, then you have Perez giving that interview again close to midnight on Monday and now, you have everyone pulling out close to midnight on Tuesday! WHAT A FUCKING SHITSHOW!
  17. If he wants to deflect, he should just stick to the ESL distraction excuse and don't say anything else.
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