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  1. It would be bizarre if he really thought that when in the final two months of the campaign, Werner was primarily being used as a striker, leaving Havertz, Mount, Ziyech and even CHO as Pulisic's competition for the other two attacking spots. Furthermore, in the final two months of the campaign or since the March international break, both Werner and Pulisic ended up playing a similar amount of minutes with the former just playing a tad more than the latter (less than a game IIRC). Plus, it's not as if Pulisic covered himself in glory every time he started either. Think next season could b
  2. I don't disagree but again, no one is gonna like moving in and out of the side. How can one gain any sort of consistency or see improvement by being in and out of the side? And it doesn't seem like Pulisic will be playing the Gold Cup this summer. Are you sure about that? Tuchel has talked endlessly about the importance of Mount and Mount is the one player who has played the most minutes under Tuchel. I'd say Mount needs to be managed better in terms of his minutes to prevent a burnt out and I can also see him being a certainty again. I don't think if we buy someone like H
  3. Because it's not sustainable? Because it could disrupt the dressing room? It's all good when we are winning, like we did most of the time this past season under Tuchel but it can be disruptive when the results start to go south, like we saw under Lampard and we know bad results are never far away when it comes to Chelsea FC. And before people throw in the City comparison again, I'd argue we have more high-profile players vying for starting positions than City.
  4. Maybe but Levy is a more pain in the arse to deal with and Haaland would represent a better, longer term investment than Kane.
  5. I really find it hard to believe that Dortmund would sell both Sancho AND Haaland in the same window. And IF they are inclined to sell Haaland this summer, then I'd be surprised if someone like City wouldn't try to make a move when they are also looking for a striker.
  6. USA didn't qualify for the Olympics.
  7. True but assuming everyone is fit (like they all were since the last international break), how long we can really rotate before someone becomes unhappy? If Tuchel sticks with the back 3 and say Mount is a certainty to start, then that leaves only 2 spaces. IF we get Haaland, you aren't exactly going to bench him either I'd imagine. Every one of the others would want to start week in week out. They are not going to be happy to play one game, sit out one game and then play one game again. As mentioned, our attackers were injury free since the March international break with the exception of
  8. Kevin Palmer knows F all! All he does is just write up some BS or something that has been mentioned elsewhere.
  9. Don't forget, Mount hates Havertz!
  10. .............................................
  11. Every time someone hype up a potential attacking lineup, it never works out. Remember when most of us were salivating at the prospect of Pulisic-Havertz-Ziyech behind Werner last summer? Or remember MaZaCar? That didn't last too long either.
  12. If we sell two players, we could potentially take away the squad depth. If we sell one, then it's probably still okay. But again, how long can we rotate before someone complains about the playing time? That's for the back 3. If we go to a back 4, then comes the tactical problems. If we play 4-2-3-1, where does Havertz fit in? Where does Mount fit in? Where does Werner fit in? Havertz may or may not be as the #10. Mount doesn't seem good in the pivot and isn't really creative enough as a #10. Werner isn't going to create too much from wide areas. If we play 4-3-3, where does Havertz fit in
  13. I feel like Tuchel is gonna have problems trying to keep everyone happy next season as well as tactically in terms of trying to fit everyone into a cohesive unit. The back 3 or back 4 will have its problems with the attackers that we've got.
  14. Okay...can we keep all the Haaland discussions in the Haaland thread please?
  15. The problem is the Roman (or the club) doesn't give a F about all that. Last year, we bought the shiniest toy out there in Havertz and now we are trying to get Haaland or Lukaku. God knows how Tuchel is gonna fit everyone into a cohesive unit.
  16. Oh. Didn't know there's the Gold Cup this summer. Well, our pre-season is really gonna be mostly filled with kids at this point!
  17. Matt Law with the latest on Haaland. Seems like we're just testing the waters at the moment... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/06/07/Chelsea-pursuing-erling-haaland-transfer-interest-looking-whether/ Chelsea are pursuing their interest in trying to sign Erling Haaland this summer, despite acknowledging that any deal would be incredibly complicated and difficult to negotiate. And Telegraph Sport understands that Chelsea have already made attempts to explore whether or not Dortmund would be interested in Tammy Abraham, either as part of a deal for Haaland or in a separat
  18. Would like to think it's all when you throw in the signing-on fees, agent fees etc.
  19. Well, it's no longer under the radar if it's gonna become public, assuming that story is even true...
  20. Err, if Leicester sign Edouard, then that's one potential suitors gone for Abraham...
  21. It's the article Simon wrote one week ago. Nothing new. Already posted a summary of it last week.
  22. Think it's because Tuchel ended up using Werner like one in the last 1-2 months of the season. But otherwise, I agree. People in England - like the pundits and journalists - think he's a #9 just because he scored goals in Germany when he did that and more as an inside left forward or a left #10 while playing alongside a central striker at Leipzig.
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