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  1. Guardian's story on Haaland... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jun/08/dortmund-plan-to-keep-haaland-amid-Chelsea-interest-but-ready-to-sell-sancho Borussia Dortmund remain determined to keep Erling Haaland for another year despite Chelsea’s desire to sign the striker. ...A deal for Haaland, valued at more than £150m, will be extremely difficult to complete. Dortmund are adamant that the Norway international, who turns 21 next month, is going nowhere yet. The Bundesliga club are in a stronger position after qualifying for the Champions League and plan only one big sale.
  2. But the circumstances surrounding them are different, no? They were/are young and need game time to develop. If clubs in England - something that big clubs in England can't offer - then of course they would take the plunge to maybe go abroad and look for opportunities. I didn't say Trippier's move to Atletico and Tomori's move to Milan were bad. But it's also undeniable that in the former's case at least, his stock was low at Tottenham and Atletico offered him an escape route out of England to revive his fortunes.
  3. Maybe but everyone has their own preference. Some may choose to take the plunge while some may not.
  4. £350-400k might not seem a lot for one player but wait till we get a bunch of others in the future asking for similar wages. It's happened before during the JT/Lampard era. The money wasn't that much but we definitely had the issue. From our perspective, we would want to try and get him now. But from his perspective, he can wait till next summer if he wants to, have a bunch of club to choose from and have them try to outbid one another when it comes to wages etc.
  5. Sancho and Bellingham chose to go because it was Dortmund who came calling while they were in still City's academy and Birmingham respectively. Trippier, Smalling and Young didn't have many options in England when their stock was rather down at Spurs and United respectively. Can't remember if there were other sides interested in Tomori but it was Milan and he had Maldini to convince him.
  6. Even if we buy him now, it would mean blowing our wage structure already, which will cause problems down the line with the other players.
  7. Who knows? How many English players have decided to go play abroad? Not many. A lot prefer to play in their own league in England while getting stay close to the family etc. Moreover, if clubs like Villa and West Ham show ambition to get into Europe at the very least - e.g. Europa League - it would hardly be astonishing if Abraham is okay with that. He can also bide his time, improve his game and then wait/hope for a big club to come calling, just like he probably would if he goes to Dortmund anyway.
  8. Times is saying that and then Guardian is saying CHO is happy and wants to fight for his place here. Go figure...
  9. But what if Abraham doesn't want to go to Germany?
  10. I know it's Haaland and I know he's a striker and you could say we need a striker but at the same time, there's also an element of "we need to buy him because he's the shiniest toy out there" to this. Last summer, it was Havertz. This time Haaland. Next year, Mbappe? There seems to be little thought given to the squad building here and the club, including Roman, just want to buy every shiny toy out there. While Haaland's position is at least obvious, I'd argue that we are still trying to figure out Havertz. Like, what is his best position? Is he a False 9? Is he an attacking midfielder? Is he
  11. Full article... Erling Haaland is believed to be interested in a move to Chelsea if the European champions can find a way of negotiating a deal with Borussia Dortmund – either for this summer or next. Telegraph Sport reported on Monday that Chelsea have not abandoned their interest in Haaland, despite Dortmund’s insistence the striker is not for sale this summer. It is understood that Chelsea are not only exploring the possibility of trying to sign Haaland this year, but also of setting up an agreement for next year if Dortmund remain determined to keep him for another 12 months
  12. For the love of god, can we please only share updates from actual journalists (reliable or not) and not some Tom, Dick and Harry? Gonna have to start deleting nonsense posts at this rate...
  13. Yup, have been doing that. A free way to bypass their bloody paywall!
  14. Is there anything in Germany on this, apart from any story that's quoting Christian Falk and/or Fjortoft?
  15. The midfield and defence. As for the offence, have long said it that I don't think we necessarily need a big name striker - we need one if only because both Abraham and Giroud are likely to leave - but someone low key, reliable and can work with the rotation. Basically, am in a similar train of thought with Tomo here...
  16. https://www.blackpoolfc.co.uk/news/2021/june/seasiders-sign-reece-james/ WTF! WE SOLD JAMES TO BLACKPOOL!?
  17. Based on what we have seen under Tuchel so far, it's 3 attackers upfront in a 3-4-3 or 2 attackers upfront in a 3-5-2. So, it's either 7 attackers for 3 positions or 6 attackers for 2 positions. Maybe but I'd also like to believe that there is more to come in terms of finishing from the current group of players that we have.
  18. Regardless of whether they can play multiple positions, it's still basically 7 players for 3 positions. Even if we take CHO out of that because of RWB, it's still 6 for 3. Not as if the others can suddenly play in midfield or defence. Mount can do the former but that's it. And I'm not saying getting Haaland specifically will upset the team but rather having too many high profile options for so few positions.
  19. But Haaland is still very young, meaning Guardiola can fine tune or tweak his game to his liking. You think Tuchel wouldn't do something similar IF we get him?
  20. But it's 7 players for 3 positions, assuming we stick with the back 3. If 1-2 players become a certainty, then that leaves very little room for others to get in.
  21. I'm talking about the attacking positions. Having Werner, Havertz, Mount, Pulisic, Ziyech, CHO and Haaland on top of that is A LOT. At least 5 of them there I consider to be high profile.
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