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  1. If Christensen is a liability in a back 4, then so is Rudiger. Both of them have done their best work in a back 3, first under Conte and then Tuchel.
  2. City just won the league without a 20-goal striker and their top scorer was Gundogan with 13 goals. They also had only two players with 10 more goals and ended up scoring 25 more goals than us overall. If our attackers chip in with additional 5-10 goals at the very least, if the midfielders and wingbacks can chip around 5 goals, then it's not impossible to challenge for the title at least. Even if we get Haaland, we can't expect him to be the only one to score the goals. Others also need to increase their output. And have said this long before, not sure how realistic is it as well t
  3. If we don't get Haaland, it's not the end of the world. Haaland or not, I expect this team to do better next season and based on the trajectory and points gained under Tuchel, I'd say we're more than capable of achieving it. We don't have to throw money at every problem, not when we have a squad that can improve and be worked further.
  4. Too much talk and speculation, KK...show me the money!
  5. Am sure they would have thought all of that before coming out to insist they won't sell Haaland this summer. If they are open to do so this year, they would have set a price with him like they did with Sancho but all their stance up till now is "he's not for sale". As I said earlier, we would have to make a batshit crazy offer for them to maybe consider it. Just because they know better doesn't mean anything. They don't control what their board do, just like we here on TC or any other fans on other forums. I know you are VERY desperate for us to buy Haaland but chill.....
  6. You think Roman and the board really care what the others do? With that kind of money being spent, they would expect a proper ROI back - e.g. winning the league title. After all, you have people saying Haaland is the missing piece, the difference between us winning the league and not...
  7. Did they say that with Mkhitaryan? The difference is he had only a year left on his contract then, which forced Dortmund to sell him as Watzke later admitted - https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/36693832. But on the flip side, there are examples where Dortmund stood their ground with Sancho and Lewandowski. And what does fans' views have anything to do with this?
  8. Still. A major reason why we went bonkers with the spending last summer because we already got the money from the sales of Hazard and Morata in the bag. We haven't heard many, if any, rumors about the others so far. So god knows if there's any interest or not.
  9. I don't remember what Dortmund said exactly back then but you left out a key part here - Dembele went AWOL, boycotted training etc to force the move.
  10. Yeah but the problem is we are still in the pandemic, meaning clubs are less inclined to spend and meaning we may have to settle with mostly loaning out players again this summer.
  11. If anyone still believes Di Marzio...
  12. Moses and Tomori are gone but aside from those, we still need to actually sell those players. Right now, it's all just talk of prices and no one seems to be making any move.
  13. The FFP isn't relaxed to give clubs a free reign in the transfer market... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jun/18/uefa-agree-to-suspend-financial-fair-play-rules-due-to-pandemic Otherwise, more clubs would have just gone BRR with it...
  14. But it was still a pandemic season, he had some injuries and things went south under Lampard. Right or wrong, not sure if Marina sees it that way based on the price she puts on the other players.
  15. There's the AFCON next January. I don't think he'll be sold this summer unless a club make an enticing offer for him. The club would probably want at least 40 million.
  16. Yes, those players were willing to go abroad from English clubs but it also doesn't change the fact that circumstances played a part in that. Why do you think so many of the young players would be willing to go to the Bundesliga for example? Because clubs in Germany have a reputation of playing young players, academy players, giving them opportunities. Clubs in England generally don't do that, especially in the Premier League where there's too much at stake with the money etc. While there are success stories like Sancho and Bellingham, there are unsuccessful stories like Lookman, Ampadu and Sm
  17. That is true but it is still money lost at the end of the day. The point I was also trying to make there is if Dortmund keep hold of Haaland for at least another season, it would help boost their chances of qualifying for the Champions League again next season and maybe even do something in the Champions League itself. If that happens, then that would also guarantee they get as much money as possible. With Haaland and Sancho this past season, they almost didn't qualify for the Champions League. Imagine if they lose both in one go without having the time to find proper replacements. Given Dortm
  18. Not gonna happen. It would take an explosion of cases for UEFA to even consider it.
  19. True but it's the same thing either way - Dortmund selling their star player for less money a year later. Based on their stance with Sancho last summer and Haaland this year, would like to think they have weighed up the financial benefit and sporting benefit (e.g. qualifying for CL, winning a cup) by keeping a star player for another year. One could argue that it was Sancho's return to form this year that helped propel Dortmund into the Top 4 after their horrendous form under Favre and early on under Terzic.
  20. First, it was Busquets with Spain and now this...
  21. They also did it with Sancho last summer TBF.
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