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  1. Forgot about him. So that's like 9 people! Christ!
  2. Spurs' managerial search list: Ten Haag Nagelsmann Flick Potter Pochettino Conte Fonseca Gattuso Did I miss anyone out? lol So many names and so many different types of manager. Spurs are clueless.
  3. So, they couldn't buy Miazga from us and ended up buying Hoedt instead? Do you know how much they are paying Southampton?
  4. Still makes no sense. We don't need two over 35 years old central defenders with dodgy injury record of late. And given the contract situation with Christensen and Rudiger, the last thing the club would want is majority of our defenders left with just 0-2 years left on their contract. As it stands, only James and Chilwell are secured for the long term. The rest aren't. Azpi, Rudiger, Silva and Christensen's contract all expires next summer. Zouma and Alonso's expires in 2023. Am sure the club would prefer to add a long term player in there as opposed to someone on a one-year deal.
  5. It's the same BS that was already posted in the last page. It's from the BS Ian McGarry and Duncan Castles.
  6. What is this even supposed to mean? Be patient till when? This summer? Next summer? If Dortmund are sticking with their 'not for sale' stance, then staying patient is pointless. If it goes to next summer, then staying patient is also pointless because that comes down to what Haaland wants ultimately. Also interesting to see Matt Law say we have a good relationship with Dortmund when others say we have a mixed relationship with them because we didn't loan/sell De Bruyne and Batshuayi to them in the past.
  7. His deal to Milan is done and expected to be confirmed today. Goodbye, Tomori.
  8. Is this all just a PR exercise from Arsenal? Where are they even getting all this money from? Why would Maddison even leave Leicester to go to Arsenal? And the mention there of the club wanting Maddison if we sell Ziyech feels BS. I don’t see how he would fit into the front 3 at all.
  9. Don't see it happening either way. Ramos has been injury prone and he reportedly wanted a two-year deal to stay at Madrid and he didn't get it. Even Silva got only a year last year. He probably wants big wages too.
  10. You spoiled the fun! Think it's because Kepa is still the most expensive keeper on earth and he was our #1 for 1-2 seasons.
  11. Nikki was too young to be on TC back then.
  12. It's tough for an upset when teams could possibly even qualify with just 1 point or if maybe they fluke 3 points from a game and lose the other two games.
  13. Why is Kane even still mentioned as a possible target? Haaland was definitely added into the piece only for clicks and SEO purposes. Just regurgitating the same info all over again. Clueless. Only new bit there is about Bellingham…
  14. TBF, I don’t think they have much of a choice considering there are no invited teams this time around, due to the pandemic and rescheduling of fixtures in other competitions. Their only other alternative was to jump straight to the semi finals after the group stage. But otherwise, their group stage format is basically the same as the Euros and it’s not great either.
  15. Not sure how much can we really read into the early season fixtures because teams might still be feeling their way into the season etc. Once we get those first six games out of the way, we can build up ahead of steam with the "easier" run of games until January, similar to what we did in 2016/17. Getting a return of at least 12 points from the first six is probably not a terrible return. That being said, if last season's results under Tuchel are anything to go by, it's those "easier" run of games after the first six games that are gonna be problematic.
  16. Narrator: Nope, it isn't. Not this time. We go to Anfield in the third game of the season and then host Liverpool in early January.
  17. Gotta remember that if we do sign Hakimi, we'll miss him for a few games in January due to the AFCON, if it does go ahead as scheduled.
  18. Think he's no longer a candidate for them.
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