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  1. And we didn't even win that game against Bolton. Conceded a stoppage time equalizer.
  2. Oh. Do you have a link to the story?
  3. Jas

    5. Jorginho

    I don't want to see another essay-esque response.
  4. TBF, Fonseca had a good reputation before he went to Roma. Not sure his reputation has really gone south after the stint at Roma but on paper at least, think he fits what Levy wants at Spurs. And given what Spurs can and can't afford financially, they were never going to attract a top class manager and they have always been a club who build up good teams but never have enough about them to go on and win titles.
  5. Jas

    5. Jorginho

    I want to say a bit more but I will not.
  6. Perhaps so but it still would have been interesting to see if he could have built on that 2018/19 form last season had he not suffered that injury. And funnily enough, what you described there kinda fits with Pulisic this past season as well.
  7. Inclined to agree about Real Madrid and Barcelona but gotta say, players who some times just join them are as idiotic as those clubs. As for competing with others, not sure if our chances are as good as anyone else. Take the Haaland situation for example. How many people are actually confident that we can sign him if we have to compete with others (e.g. next summer)? You have people declaring it's now or never with him, even though he will cost less next year. Clubs like City and United can match our spending power if they want to and in cases like City, they even have the manager to pull
  8. Wonder if Loftus-Cheek was cursing his luck at any point over the past year or so. He was one of the most recent academy players to actually break into the first team first but now finds himself on the outside looking in after suffering an injury that was no fault of his own. It must hurt in some ways for him to see Mount, James, CHO, Abraham (despite his fortunes under Tuchel) establish themselves in the first team and win the Champions League last month. He could have so easily been part of the team had it not been for the injury.
  9. Drama in the France camp...
  10. Yeah, I mean you're not declaring it's now or never with Hakimi, are you? Or worrying that we might lose out to PSG on Hakimi like you do with Haaland?
  11. Still wouldn't consider Hakimi in that category. I guess we just have different definition of "fantasy signing" here.
  12. How is that even controversial?
  13. Still. I don't think Hakimi is considered too big for our club or someone you wouldn't have imagined us signing a month ago or something.
  14. Okay....not sure if I agree with that at all but for argument's sake, even if he is, he's not the Messi or Ronaldo of a wing back and his price tag is hardly astronomical compared to Haaland for example.
  15. I'd argue that the Kante back in 2016 didn't have the same reputation as the Kante now, even though he was already good/great then. But even if you include him, that's just like 2 players in almost a decade.
  16. How is Hakimi considered a fantasy signing?
  17. Those are different circumstances. My point is simply that if we have to compete with others to sign someone big, we don’t seem capable to successfully complete the transfer, for one reason or another. Our last successful signing when it comes actually beating others was Hazard IIRC. And I wouldn’t consider Hakimi in this circumstance. He’s not that big name of a player.
  18. Am sure it's not just about money every time...
  19. No but it just shows that we profited from fortunate circumstances. In normal times, we probably wouldn't have been able to sign those players that we did last summer. Could/would play out that way in the future.
  20. Doesn't matter. The point is we took advantage to sign the big players last summer because no one else could afford to spend and we are now trying to do the same again. As seen already with the Haaland situation, people are not confident at all that we will be able to sign him next summer when we have to compete with the other big clubs.
  21. It's kinda depressing that we have to rely on a bloody pandemic, a depressed market to be able to sign the best players around. Last year, it was Havertz, Werner etc. This year, we're trying it with Haaland. We don't seem to have a good standing when it comes to competing with other big sides and convincing players to join us, do we?
  22. It's still crazy money, regardless of the transfer fee. If he reportedly wants only 300-350k, then I highly doubt the media would be reporting we would have to break our wage structure to sign him since it's not too much from what Kante gets and that suggests it might have to be more than 400k. Am sure his camp would want to get as much money as possible given his current status/reputation. If it's not us, then they could easily look to get more if/when Real or Barcelona come calling next summer. The wages aren't paid in full immediately but we would still be committing ourselves to
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