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  1. Basically, all our next 5 games are in London and after the Wigan's game this Saturday, the next 4 domestic matches are all London derbies.
  2. Apart from the obvious poor performance from us, I'm disappointed that we did not look to exploit Benfica's central zone area. You have a makeshift CB pairing in Javi Garcia and Emerson along with an inexperienced Matic in that area and we hardly tested them there and give them more problems. It was all too comfortable for them and I'm not even sure what was the high crosses all about from us. We didn't even have any big physical presence upfront and yet we kept putting it into the penalty box.
  3. It's a must win game especially with the games Arsenal & Tottenham have got as Ollie pointed and RDM must/should/needs to rotate wherever necessary and not risk any players carrying knocks or niggling injuries. On Wigan, we seriously have to get our heads right and not get sloppy and complacent like we have in our last 2 games. They are on a decent run of form, losing just 1 of their last 7-8 games and have won their last 2. So, confidence will be high in their camp and remember, they have caused us problems in the past. Adding to that, they're a side who now plays with a back 3 or 5...
  4. Despite actually agreeing with certain things that Jorge Jesus said, he sure is one very bitter man!
  5. After the highs recently, thought Torres was pretty average tonight and Luiz reverted into his old self in that first half where he tried to be too clever and overcomplicating things at the back. Nearly costs us on one occasion but luckily Lampard(IIRC) cleared up his mess!
  6. I know but if we had an "easier" game that weekend, we could at least rest a couple of players.
  7. Cech got my vote for MOTM. Made some wonderful saves and kept Benfica at bay after all the non-existent defending in front of him.
  8. Worth pointing out that Luiz, Cole and Meireles will be all available for the SF 1st leg after escaping a YC booking tonight.
  9. Agree with that part. He was happily card booking everyone at every single opportunity. No wonder Wenger was furious with him in the last round.
  10. That is why he is the 'Special One'.
  11. Still feeling bemused and amazed by that Garcia goal. What on earth was our defence doing there?!! Said this before, the team have often looked lost when Terry is not on the pitch. Nobody is really standing up and be counted in his absence!
  12. Was pissed that Jorge Jesus and the players talking so much before the game but they sure backed their talk on the pitch tonight. Hold my hands up and credit to you guys. Benfica didn't deserve to lose. In fact, I think you guys deserve to go through to the SFs.
  13. An absolutely abject performance that was. Totally pathetic!!
  14. Ramires did a Kalou there... :doh: :doh:
  15. By the way, I can't stand that f***ing Tony Gale! Absolutely pathetic that he is even a commentator!! :angry:
  16. We have been very very average in this half. Benfica clearly the better side and are unlucky to be 1-0 down. Despite the lead & man advantage, we must do better!!
  17. Hmmm, right. But it was turned off some time before the match.
  18. Is anyone going to watch Madrid vs APOEL?? lol By the way, what has happened to the chatbox???
  19. No Betrand on the bench but we do have Ferreira...
  20. Remember, Luiz, Cole and Meireles are all 1 YC away from a UCL suspension.
  21. Not comparing the teams but think we all do remember what happened the last time a team came to SB in CL with a makeshift defence.
  22. With a 34 y/o Capdevilla(although experience) at LB for Benfica, surely Ramires can get the better of him down that flank??
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