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  1. Don't simply make assumptions on things I never said. I'm not even blaming RDM whatsoever on our failure to get into the Top 4 via league because the damage has already been done and with our inconsistency in the league even before he took over, I had already given up on any Top 4 hopes. AND I wouldn't have any complains should Roman decides to give RDM the job!
  2. The stats posted in the previous was based on PL games only FFS and I posted based on that!
  3. It's this kind of ignorance attitude is gonna get us into trouble in Munich next weekend if we continue with it against Blackburn after Tuesday. As I've said, we wouldn't want to be facing Bayern on the back of poor results. Need to get back some momentum going. IF we are to play the kids, it has to be a right balance between experience and youth, not just the youth. Furthermore, do we really want to end the last home game of the season with yet another draw or worst, a defeat?!!
  4. A winger can still be considered as part of the midfield. He's already 30. So, no thanks.
  5. Despite the stats showing that we are better under AVB than RDM, the former is just to be blamed as much as RDM, IF we are going down that route. The failure to beat the likes of Fulham, Wigan, Norwich, Swansea, West Brom and Aston Villa is one of the major reasons why we are not in the Top 4. Adding to that, consistency in the league has also been a big problem under AVB, not just RDM. Our best winning run of the season is just 3 games. 3 GAMES!! And our longest unbeaten run? 6 games with 3 wins and 3 draws in it. We couldn't even manage to string anything more than that.
  6. Happy 20th Birthday to Courtois! It sure has been a great week for him after winning the Europa League.
  7. Despite all of that, think we should be looking to sell him in the summer. Never really looked part of the team since he joined anyway.
  8. As much as we want to rest key players in order not to risk any injuries, it's imperative that we win this game and hopefully, convincingly too. Wouldn't want to head to Munich on the back of poor results.
  9. No complains at all for the awards as they all deserved it. However, a special mention must also go to Ivanovic. Has been rock solid, consistent, clearing goals off the line & scoring vital goals.
  10. No. I'm just judgimg it based on what was said in that news. He never said anything about him not bothering Chelsea at all. He basically just pointed out that his focus in on Arsenal because he is on loan there and his task is to help Arsenal out. Instead, you have The Sun twisting his words and people start believing the headlines and not what he actually said.
  11. You can probably throw in Hazard's brothers in as well.
  12. That's because most people are being cynical and only read what they want to read.
  13. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/may/10/wolves-stale-solbakken-new-manager?CMP=twt_gu Wolves seem to have appointed Stale Solbakken as their manager. Strange appointment that.
  14. Just look at some of the Belgian talents out there right now. "Courtois, Kompany, Vertonghen, Vermaelen,Fellaini,De Bruyne,Defour,Witsel, Mertens, Dembélé, Lukaku, Hazard"
  15. Next season's Europa League final is at the Amsterdam Arena while the Champions League final is at Wembley.
  16. At this rate, we might as well go purchase the entire Belgian national team!
  17. Think we would have to excuse Mata's English.
  18. Congrats to Mata, Ramires and Piazon on the awards. They fully deserved it. Special mention must also go to Ivanovic. Has been rock solid, consistent, clearing goals off the line & scoring vital goals.
  19. Other areas may need changes but so is the RB. Yeah, then in 1-2 years time, we'll be going out and search for another RB again. IF you wanna talk about getting RB from Newcastle, I would suggest getting Davide Santon. Otherwise, we should be looking elsewhere unless we want to become like Liverpool and buy average English talents to be come a mid-table club!
  20. Think Mata & Ramires are ahead of the race for the POTY award IMO.
  21. Did alright when he came on and he should have scored with the free header. Was from point blank range ffs! Was it Jose or Carlo or both? Carlo once said that not too long ago IIRC.
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