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  1. A very silly thought this but is it possible that he got himself sent off because of the pain from his broken ribs? He has had to played a lot of games recently every 3-4 days without any break.
  2. Wondering if Mark Hughes would go with 4-4-2 on Sunday considering we are having CBs problem and the fact that Taarabt is out suspended. Think he has played with just 1 striker in recent weeks with Taarabt behind.
  3. Don't think I have pin-pointed his chance for the goal previously. Was talking about the chances that he was able to get forward before that but lost it far far too easily. And furthermore, he was perhaps lucky to found himself in a clean through situation towards the end because Barcelona had basically threw everyone forward after his attempted dribble failed.
  4. FFS! I wasn't talking about that chance where he got clean through and scored. Was talking about 2-3 occasions before that. Nothing wrong with Torres or any other player losing the ball sometimes but the way he lost it was just so blatantly cheap! AND when he lost it, his body language was wrong, looks disinterested in tracking back!
  5. Goodness me. How many times have that story popped up this season?!
  6. RDM has said Luiz & Cahill will not be fit for this game. Fitness will be assessed against Newcastle on Wednesday.
  7. Are you taking a bet on that?
  8. Can we really expect lots of goals in this? 1992/93 Chelsea 1-0 QPR QPR 1-1 Chelsea 1993/94 Chelsea 2-0 QPR QPR 1-1 Chelsea 1994/95 QPR 1-0 Chelsea Chelsea 1-0 QPR 1995/96 QPR 1-2 Chelsea Chelsea 1-1 QPR 2011/12 QPR 1-0 Chelsea And QPR's Premier League form in last 8 games - LWLWLWLW.
  9. The new Wembley was still yet to open when that final came around.
  10. Aah. It's 4 in 4 if you put it that way then. That Carling Cup Final against Arsenal was at the Millennium Stadium in Wales.
  11. Ramires's goal against Barcelona for me. His finishing was absolutely exquisite and the importance of that goal cannot be underestimated one bit. Had he not scored that, we wouldn't be talking about a Champions League final right now.
  12. It's 3 in 3 cap. Scored against Man United, Everton and Portsmouth. He has scored 6 goals in 6 FA Cup appearances at Wembley - 3 in semi & 3 in final.
  13. Surely we can't be as clueless and passionless in this like we did in the previous 3 matches agains them?!
  14. Guess RDM will shed some light on the injuries later in his PC. Hoping for positive news.
  15. Ooops, sorry. Came into the thread and just posted it without reading anything. Apologies.
  16. Does it really matters that we declare our interest on Hazard?! IF we want him, we'll go get him. Don't have to announce it and make everyone alert of us. A lot I guess BUT if he really loves the club and did not want to leave, he should be ignoring whatever his agent said and negotiate a reasonable contract with the club to stay. That didn't happen I guess and he left and joined Liverpool, who IIRC, is paying him 90k per week.
  17. Platini wanted an all-Spanish Champions League final but didn't get that. Instead, he got an all-Spanish Europa League final. He must be in tears.
  18. The thought of losing this to them is beginning to do my head in!
  19. Congratulations. Will be a good experience for the lad. Hope we all will be celebrating...
  20. Out of the way then. A really farcical issue!
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